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    Taking CS6 Out For A Spin

    Jeff Bellune Level 5

      For those of you who are jumping into the deep end with CS6 (or even just stepping into the water at the shallow end), here's a couple of tips to get you started in the right direction:

      1. Launch CS6 with the Shift and Alt keys held down until the welcome screen appears.  This resets the plug-in cache and your preferences.  It shouldn't happen, but if CS6 picks up any of your CS-earlier prefs or plug-in caches, it could make your first experience with CS6 unhappy.
      2. Once you've launched CS6, go to Edit | Preferences | Media and clean the media cache.  That will get rid of media cache files and media cache database entries that aren't valid any more.  AAMOF, if you still have CSNot6 on your system, it'd be a good idea to clean the cache there, too.
      3. If you have fancy folder-dependent HD video files like AVCHD, some DSLR footage, DVCProHD, XDCAM, etc., it's probably a good idea to delete any media cache files that were generated by earlier versions of Premiere Pro.  (Heck, for the DSLR footage, go ahead delete the cache files even if they don't have a fancy folder structure.)  That will let CS6 generate new cache files if and when you load old projects or import old projects into CS6, or if you re-use that footage in a new CS6 project.  Here's a list of the cache file extensions that get created on my system -- YMMV: pek|pk|pkf|cfa|xmp|xmpses|mpgindex|qtindex