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    Weblink.api causing slowdown in Acrobat Pro 9


      Hello, Acrobat runs very, very, VERY slowly if I have weblink.api in the plug_ins folder. If I take it out, Acrobat runs OK, but is missing most/all of the features I need.


      Running Acrobat without it is not possible. I need it to enable comments.


      I have seen other posts about this issue that have gone ignored. Could someone shed some light on this critical problem?

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          Stll having the problem. Files take five minutes to open. Scrolling a couple of lines takes a solid five-count.

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            Well, since there appears to be little interest in this problem, I will record what I'm doing on my own in hopes that someone else w/the same problem sees this. The reason I know that it's weblink.api that's causing the problem is because when I remove it from the plug ins folder and place it in an Optional folder that I created, performance returns to normal. This is fine, but without weblink.api the commenting feature is all but useless and I rely on it heavily to enter edits into the source document.


            I used the Shared Review feature in another project, and still had documents live. I thought that the application might still be reaching out to those old review copies. So I ended all reviews and removed the documents from my review list (that feature is very slow, too, btw.)


            That didn't help.


            I have a workaround where I open the plug_ins folder and click and drag weblink.api to my Optional folder so that the document opens properly. Then I copy the PDF to another computer and so I can view the comments properly and make my changes. It's tedious, time-consuming, and somewhat error-prone, but it's better than what I've been doing.


            I also print out comments only to PDF, close Acrobat Pro, remove weblink.api, and then open the comments up. Then I can copy and paste the edits. Also tedious, but better than trying to work with the sluggish performance.


            I'll keep this thread open for another week or so.

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              I have to say, and I mean no offense, that this user forum seems pretty useless....