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      . I am new to using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. I created a pdf portfolio and burned it to a disk. I made sure the portfolio had burned to the disk properly and sent it to the engineer. But the engineer sent it back saying it was just a bunch of pdf files with no organization whatsoever. it's like the format of the portfolio didn't work for him. We tried it on three different computers in our office and it worked fine on all of them, but didn't work on two of theirs. I have recently done other portfolios for them and they were fine. I have not idea why, can someone help me please?

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          On pre-9 versions, that's what will happen. Portfolios were introduced with Acrobat 9. Non-Adobe PDF viewers are likely going to behave differently as well. Do you know what they're using to view the portfolio?

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            The project manager who took it over and watched them open it says  they have adobe acrobat 9. The office manager took it home and it worked on his home computer too and he only has acrobat reader. What I am doing is putting together Operation & Maintenance manuals. We are in construction so we put in a lot of new equipment etc. Is there another way in adobe to do put something like this together that might be more versitile as far as others reading it goes (essentially they are books)? They only recently started asking for electronic copies of the manuals so I don't know Acrobat well, and what I do know is just from trial and error (self-taught). I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.