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    Ingesting movie clips

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          If using AVCHD and not wanting to lose quality through the transcoding process, what format is best to transcode to ?

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            Preran Rockstar

            Hi rdtreefrog,


            In Prelude, you can choose to not transcode your files while ingesting them. That will ensure that your quality is intact.




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              rdtreefrog Newcomer

              That would be my preference, but Prelude does not permit the use of Markers if the source video is AVCHD.

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                Preran Rockstar

                I have requested people from the product team for help. You should have a response within the next 12 hours.

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                  michaelgoshey Champion

                  Hi -


                  Prelude does support AVCHD for applying markers and other metadata. Can you provide some more information as listed below so we can better troubleshoot the problem:


                  • What camera are you using? And what video settings?
                  • Are you able to successfully transfer the media from your camera to your hard drive?
                  • Is you media set as READ ONLY?
                  • When you say that Prelude is not permitting the user of Markers, how exactly does that present itself to you in the UI?





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                    rdtreefrog Newcomer

                    1. FS100. 1080 29.97fps

                    2. I had previously copied the files from the camera to the hard drive. So I am working with the MTS files using Prelude.

                    3. No.

                    4. All of the markers in the markers window are greyed out - as are menu items and the keyboard short cuts do not work.


                    Thanks !

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                      michaelgoshey Champion

                      Thanks for the quick reply.


                      That Canon AVCHD camera media is supported. When you manually copied the media to your computer, did you keep the entire folder structure as written by your FS100 in tact? Or did you just copy the MTS files?


                      As a control test - can you capture some new footage on that camera and this time use Prelude to transfer the media from your camera (or memory card) onto your computer and then see if you are allowed to add markers? 


                      In the meantime, I'll ask our QE team to try different variations on manual media copies of AVCHD and see if we can reproduce your symptoms.



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                        rdtreefrog Newcomer

                        Sure. I will let you know as soon as I get a chance to test it.


                        No, I did not keep the folder structure in tact - just copied the MTS files. Also as a clarification, this is the Sony FS100 not the Canon.



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                          Colin Brougham Ninja

                          You need the folder structure completely intact, as it was shot, from the "AVCHD" folder on down. Adobe products can't inject metadata, e.g. markers, into bare MTS files, and they don't properly create XMP sidecar files to house this metadata if the AVCHD folder structure is not intact. You'll also lose things like timecode if you don't keep the folder structure, as well.


                          So, whether you use your OS' file browser to copy the structure, or whether you use Prelude to select certain shots and use it to ingest and rebuild a new AVCHD structure, it's important to play by the twisty AVCHD structure rules.

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                            rdtreefrog Newcomer

                            Thanks Colin. I guess I got over - used to having to copy the files in cs5.5. Everything works now.