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    Cannot open prores 422 in AE or Premier CS5.5


      I have provided footage to colleagues in India. The footage is  ProRes 422 files. They work on PCs using windows 7. They say that they cannot get the clips to open in Aftereffects or Premiere 5.5. (Sorry I do not know the exact version of 5.5)


      I too have a PC running windows 7. I can open and work with the files in AfterEffects CS 5 (V10.0.2.4). I also have Quicktime 7.7.1. It all just worked for me. I did not need to load any new codecs. I just opened the files directly and could edit them.


      Any obvious steps they should try such as...

      Update quicktime to latest version?

      Update CS 5.5 (any recent patches specifically for this?)?

      Do they need a codec not present in the Cs 5.5 installation?


      I had another colleague this was a known issue? That CS 5.5 AfterEffects and Premiere will not open proRes files? Is this true? If yes are there any work around?

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          Mylenium Legend

          Simply convert them to DNxHD or similar. ProRes and PC is just not smart despite Apple supporting it - in theory. It's simply nothing anyone with some sense left in them would work with on a PC. This could be a million things, including compatibility issues with ProRes created by recorders like AJA Ki or GoPro cameras. Impossible to find out from a distance.



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            alevinart Newcomer

            Thank you for your response.


            So one issue may be the differences in writing the proRes file from different brands of recording decks - correct?


            RE: the lack of "sense" for working with proRes on the PC. The idea of proRes for the PC was brought to me by a video producer I work with as a solution to codec issues we have with SonyXD Cam HD files on the PC. For AE 4 and 5 the proRes clips did work just fine. But this last shoot was done in a different city using a different brand of proRes recording deck.


            So if proRes IS NOT the sensible thing for PCs, then in, your opinion, what is most universal codec, off of Sony XD Cams, that will work on PCs running CS4 - CS6?

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              Dave LaRonde Ninja

              I work on ProRes files very often in After Effects on a Windows machine.  You should have the latest version of Quicktime 7 for Windows.  Any machine that does NOT have Final Cut Suite 3 installed will not be able to write ProRes files, but it can read them.


              I write to a different codec for Quicktime.  I use the PNG codec.  It is 10-bit like ProRes, bue it is also lossless and it supports alpha  channels.  The file sizes are very large; if this is an important consideration, you should use a different codec.


              Mylenium's suggestion of DNxHD is good.  It is a good method for exchanging video files between Macs and Windows machines.

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                Mylenium Legend

                DNxHD or the classical QT Animation and PNG CoDecs are always safe. I wouldn't trust anything Apple does with QT on Windows beyond that. You could of course also consider image sequences. Makes little difference these days when sharing them via Dropbox or otehr such services...