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    email doesn´t work

    Ginoem50 Level 1



      after redelegating successfully my domain to BC´s Nameservers, my main email-adress does not work anymore. Enabling it on my Partner Site ("Manage users") is not possible, instead I get the following messsage:

      "Account details for this user can only be changed on the Adobe website at this time. You may only remove this user from this site by clicking the 'Delete' button"


      What am I supposed to do?


      Cheers, Hermann

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Are you trying to run your emails with BC or did you have them with an external host? If so did you still want to use that?


          If the latter you only point the A records to business catalyst from your domain host controls.


          Is this what you mean or you want to use the BC emails?

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            Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

            Hi Ginoem50,


            We'll need a few more details as Liam above has asked.  This sounds like since the ID was merged you are wanting to either update the user ID or add to a certain site. 


            Please reply to my questions below so we can help investigate this further.


            1) What user ID is this concerning?

            2) What site are you wanting to enable the user ID on?

            3) Are you wanting the user ID to have email with BC?


            In the meanwhile you may want to review the FAQs regarding Adobe ID merge as this may help resolve your issue. 


            - http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1993




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              Ginoem50 Level 1

              Hi Sidney, and Liam,


              thanks for your answers.




              My redelegated website is: 3amdesign.de


              This site was hosted with the provider who also is the registrar of my domain name. And I also had my e-mail running with them.


              I followed the steps of the rebranding_BC.pdf and Going_Live_Tutorial.pdf. So I thought, I did the right steps. As a matter of fact I had the opportunity to talk to people from Adobe/BC on LiveChat this morning. I was told that the redelegation-process was sucsessful and that I did not have to do anything more. Everything should work now just fine: In my understanding that means: My domain is redelegated correctly, I use BC´s Webspace for the website (seems to work...) and my emails run with BC.


              After finishing the chat this morning (German Time), I sent a transcript to my email and it received it as expected. And that was it -  it was the last mail I received!?!?


              Another curious thing: It seems as if I can send mails with my email-address, but I don´t receive any.




              1. As I work with other Adobe products, I signed up to Adobe quite some months ago - long before learning about the existence of BC. And - when I first signed up to BC, I used the same ID.


              2. 3amdesign.de


              3. Yes


              Hope to have understood your issues right,


              Thank you,



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                Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                Hi Hermann,


                I've just PM you with instructions on how to resolve. 


                Recap: This looks like a similar issue to another thread below.


                - http://forums.adobe.com/message/4377117


                Please view my last post in that thread to help resolve. 




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                  Ginoem50 Level 1

                  Hi Sidney,


                  what is PM?

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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It is online speak for Private Message. You can Private Message on these new forums .
                    Click a persons name and on their profile page on the right

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                      hay talk to me if you want to anybody  please

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                        Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                        Hi Prince199,


                        Please provide the details of your issues so we can assist further.


                        Kind regards,


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                          Ginoem50 Level 1

                          Hi Sidney,


                          Thank you very very much! Emails work just fine now.

                          The only problem left is, that I could not configure right my account on Mail (OS X). For now I´ve managed to receive mails, but when trying to send an email, I get a message, that the outgoing Server would not work.


                          I wrote you a PM, where I put screenshots and more details so you can see the current configuration of my mail account...





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                            Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                            Hi Hermann,


                            This could be due to your local ISP needing you to update the SMTP to reflect your ISP or needing to update the port. 


                            Please view this article to help troubleshoot.


                            - http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/128/bc_1286.html#main_Resolving_issues_when_messages_are _received__but_outgoing_messages_cannot_be_sent


                            Also double check you configuration within MacMail just to be sure nothing has been missed.


                            - http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/924/cpsid_92485.html


                            Kind regards,


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                              Ginoem50 Level 1

                              Hi Sidney,


                              thanks for your answer.


                              I cannot find any mistake from my part.


                              Let me show you the current configuration of my email client MAIL (OS X Lion).


                              1. Servertype: IMAP

                              2. Description: My_Name

                              3. Email Adress: h.....@3amdesign.de (the one I´ve given you before)

                              4 .Complete Name: My_Name

                              5. Server for incoming mails: mail.mydomain.de

                              6. User name: My email address

                              7. Password: xxxxxxx

                              8. SMTP Server: mail.mydomain.de (the same information as for the incoming mail server)

                              9. Use Standard-Ports (25,465,587)

                              10.SSL (checkbox is NOT checked)

                              11. Authentification: None


                              I´ve configured quite some different email clients in the past. I never had any problems. I would just put the information provided by the ISP, and that´s it. Nothing else had to be done.


                              As I receive all mails related to the informationen given above, shouldn´t be the problem the outgoing server? I have chosen the option to run emails with BC. So why can´t BC just supply an outgoing server?


                              Sorry for keeping on with my insistance. But it just looks anything but professional, if I keep on sending mails to my clients with an address, that has nothing to do with our business: 3amdesign.


                              And there is something else: This morning I chatted with a collegue of yours. As we could not resolve the problem either, he asked me to submit a case. So I went to my partner portal, chose "help and support" which took me to a German support page.


                              I filled out the items marked with *. But the second item asks me to choose an option. The problem is, that there are no pulldown-items there to choose from. Which provides the next problem: I cannot send the form, because this second option (marked with a *) does not actually offer any items to choose, so when trying to submit, I get as an answer, that the form cannot be sent because the items marked with * have to be filled out. But how am I supposed to choose an option if there is none?


                              So: It is not possible to submit any case!


                              This is now the second time I have problems with submitting a case. About a week ago I wanted to submit a case (still the old BC interface). As a matter of fact I got the confirmation that the submission was successful. But checking on it the next day, the old platform was gone and on the new one there is no case. As a matter of fact I did not get any response to the "sucessful" submission of my cas!


                              Thank God that all this trouble happens now, with my own case. I am really scared to start making websites for clients of ours with BC and then run into basically uncontrollable trouble when trying to Go Live - with their email accounts. That´s scary!


                              Sorry for being so negative.


                              Hope we´ll find a solution, soon.


                              Kind regards,



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                                Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                                Sorry to hear about your troubles thus far. 


                                Let try checking your emails in webmail first to pinpoint whether the account is having issues on our side or elsewhere. 


                                Can you access your email account via webmail?  mail.yoursite.com


                                See if you can send/recieve emails through this instead.  If this is working the the issue is not within the BC mail account and lies with the configuration within MacMail. 


                                If the issue is with the configuration I'm afraid it can only be from experience the port or SMTP that is being entered.  Lets check webmail and provide the mail account in question so I can check for any issues on my end for you. 



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                                  Ginoem50 Level 1

                                  Hi Sidney,


                                  I checked the funcionality of the email-account via webmail. Everything works perfectly.


                                  So, if I understand you well, the problem lies within MacMail:


                                  Let me now show you some screenshots, where you can see exactly what information I used for the configuration of MacMail. I greyed out the private information and tried to make a good job translating the - from my point of view - essential fieldnames from German 2 English...


                                  So have a look...

                                  So this is the configuration!
                                  When I now want to send a mail, I am get the following result...


                                  I hope this gives you the information you need to find the solution!


                                  In case you need more information, please let me know.


                                  Thank you,


                                  Kind regards,



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                                    Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                                    Thanks for the screencasts. 


                                    This leave me with only two possible issues preventing this from working in MacMail. 


                                    1) See if you can update the ports from "25" to like 8025 or 587. 


                                    2) Update the SMTP with your local ISP outgoing server details. 


                                    Which is from the troubleshoot article I've sent previously.


                                    "The best way to overcome this is to set up an alternative 'port' to send your mail through.


                                    By Default, email software will set the SMTP 'port to '25', which is the standard port for the SMTP protocol.  However our mail service has two alternative ports available that you can send through.


                                    These are:








                                    You can usually adjust the SMTP port that your software uses under the 'More Options' or 'Advanced' area of the account setup.


                                    If this does not work for you (as possibly these tow additional ports are also blocked by your ISP for some reason), another alternative is to use your ISP's SMTP outgoing server information rather than using the outgoing server provided by this system.


                                    If you are not sure what your ISP's SMTP server information is, try looking at the settings for one of your other existing email accounts.


                                    If that information is not available from within your email client, contact your ISP to find out your SMTP server's address. Alternatively, visit their website and search for the terms: setting up email.


                                    Your ISP's SMTP server information will likely follow one of the following formats:






                                    Once you have their outgoing server information, update the outgoing mail server fields in the email client account settings to use their outgoing server."


                                    Reference: http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/128/bc_1286.html#main_Resolving_issues_when_messages_are_ received__but_outgoing_messages_cannot_be_sent



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                                      Ginoem50 Level 1

                                      Hi Sidney,


                                      Thanks to your help I got my emails working with MacMail.


                                      You wrote:


                                      "1) See if you can update the ports from "25" to like 8025 or 587. " - This option did not work


                                      "2) Update the SMTP with your local ISP outgoing server details." - This one did work!. I talked to my local ISP and there I got help and instructions on how to configure MacMail.


                                      Thank you very much for your understanding and patience,


                                      Kind regards,