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    Create Loops in Media Encoder?




      is it possible to create Loops in Media Encoder?


      I have a 6min clip which I need to loop as many times to get a 12 hours movie. (I want to have the loop as one .mp4 h.264 file).

      It would be no problem to built my clip as 12 hours movie before using Media Encoder to create the .mp4. But this way it takes forever to convert it. I was just wondering if it is possible to tell Media Encoder "Loop this clip x-times".... That way Media Encoder would not have to encode 12 hours but only  6 Minutes and then write it x times.? Right?


      Just to avoid the upcoming question "why": I have good reason to built the loop as 12hour movie and NOT to have the player loop my 6min clip. The player I have to use simply loop unreliably.