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    Publish multi-bitrate stream from FMS?

    Huy Mai Level 1



      I have an SSAS app to publish live streaming, you can refer here. Can I do publish multi-bitrate streaming with SSAS code over RTMP ? I read a tutorial, but it over HTTP...


      Mai Huy

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          TanujM Adobe Employee

          Hey Huy,

          I dont think that you can do an MBR publishing using SSAS. It does not have any transcoding capabilities so wont be able to create different bitrate streams from a single stream.

          You can do multi point publishing but not multi bitrate publishing.

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            SE_0208 Adobe Employee

            If i am not wrong you are planning to use VOD assets and republishing them right or are you planning to push incoming MBR streams to newer server?

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              Hey there?


              I want push incomming MBR stream from FME to other FMS server. is it possible?


              The FME push two kinds of bitrates to frist FMS server in China and China server push that incomming multi-bitrate sources to amazon FMS server.


              just tell me is it possible or not....


              I really beginner so make stupid questions..


              help me.

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                Nitin Goel Adobe Employee

                Yes this must be possible.


                You need to multipoint publish the stream from China server to the AWS -FMS server. That would require writing a simple application for mpp.


                For example, look at the server side code at http://livedocs.adobe.com/flashmediaserver/3.0/hpdocs/help.html?content=00000096.html

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                  robertpark Level 1

                  First thanks for reply.


                  I already read that but I think that code for live stream for using cam and mic.


                  I want know If I make 2 or 3 kinds of bit rate in FME and send to first server then first server publish to other server.


                  not only one bit rate stream frist server have to republish to all bite rates to other server.


                  find many place but really I'm stupid can't understand.


                  can you explain me detail?



                  1. if FME publishs two kinds of bit rate to first server then how can change client side code and what kind of file in client.

                  2. first server now can publish to client both of bit rates well. publish point is "installroot/applications/live". but if want using multi-point publish then

                  Do I need to change or create new application?

                  if can using live applicions then how can setting mean what kind of file add to live applicaton directory and change code.


                  please help me. almost three months I can't solve this.

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                    Hi everyone!

                    I have question, how can I play Multi Bit-rate, Live, HDS Streaming? I've done huge resarch and couldn't find how to do it.



                    I'm decoding stream properly from camera through Adobe Live Media Encoder to AMS.


                    everything works fine when I decode single bit rate and play like this:


                               var resource : URLResource = new




                            var manifest : F4MElement = new F4MElement(resource);

                            var mediaPlayerSprite : MediaPlayerSprite = new MediaPlayerSprite();

                            mediaPlayerSprite.media = manifest;



                    with multibitrate - manifest file looks like this:

                    <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/1.0">

                      <media streamId="livestream1" bitrate="100" />

                      <media streamId="livestream2" bitrate="500" />

                      <media streamId="livestream3" bitrate="1000" />