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    Needing help with a Loadvars

    Dj... God Lov....
      Hi, every body!

      after all I hop you hav great Nigth

      Well, this is my question... I am making a simple sistem in flash, using php as a tool for connecting flash with mysql, well, I am using a lot of Loadvars, they have worked fine, less one of them, I don't know what happen, but It doesn't work!

      this is the code
      the function "passNom", gets activate when the user click on a name, it works as a link..

      Like this:
      myText.htmlText = "<a href='asfunction:pasNom,"+id_zona +"#"+myname +"'><font color='#0099FF'>Click here for checking details</font></a>"

      function pasNom(paramString) {
      // get the individual parameters:
      // params[0] = picture file name
      // params[1] = caption
      var params = paramString.split("#");
      viewIgle._visible = true;
      registerIgle._visible = true;
      idZone.text = (params[0]);
      zoneName.text = unescape(params[1]);
      mostrar_igl.accion = "cargar_iglm";
      mostrar_igl.zona = idZone.text;
      mostrar_igl.sendAndLoad("activities.php", iglesias);
      zonas.htmlText = "<b> Loading data</b>";

      iglesias.onLoad = cargari;

      function cargari() {
      zonas.htmlText = "<b> Please wait</b>";
      if (this.n == 0) {
      zonas.htmlText = "<b>There is not register in the database</b><br><a href='asfunction:cargar'><font color='#0099FF'>Back to general</font></a>";
      } else {
      zonas.htmlText = "<b> Numbers of registers : </b><font color='#FF0000'>" + this.n + "</font><br>";
      for (j=0; j<this.n; j++) {
      zonas.htmlText += (j+1) + "name: <b>"+ this["nomIgle"+j] + "</b> --- lider : <b>"+ this["nombre"+j] +"</b><br>";
      zonas.htmlText += "<a href='asfunction:cargar'><font color='#0099FF'>Back to general</font></a>"

      I have some functions like this in others flash movies, but it works fine...

      I don't know what happen with this, but it's going to make me crazy!

      Please I will apreccieatte your help!!

      Thanx and God bless you