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    DW CS6 and BC

    Lynda-S Level 4

      Well it has been a fun day with DW CS6..... *coughs*  anyway I have posted the issue with transfers and now when I am attempting to get the entire site it hits a point and just stops. It shows the folders and some files but many are missing, I am attempting to download the entire site again. Are others seeing this issue? I browsed through the Dreamweaver forums and I do not see this and wonder if this is BC related or is this strictly a DW issue?

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          rwtconsultants Level 1

          I've seen the same issue with files not getting transferred using DW CS 5.5.. Mostly with BC sites, but I have seen it on a few non-BC sites.  I haven't been able to find any pattern to it.  I surrendered trying to figure it out, and just tell it to re-downlod the site.  Makes me wonder though if even then might some files be getting skipped.

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            Lynda-S Level 4

            I never had this issue is CS 5.5. This is new to me. Hopefully it will get fixed.

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Lynda,


              I think that is more of a Dreamweaver problem as I have seen it many times over the years. I generally when I suspect I have that problem is I also run a site synchronization as well.


              Dreamweaver FTP has never been its strong feature. Although I have to admit that when I imported a site last night into CS6 it was amaziningly faster. Usually I have time to make a pot of coffee while it does that. Last night I barely had time to grab a nice cold beer. ;-)

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                Lynda-S Level 4

                Yeah I noticed the same, was very nice =>      I have had multiple issues with DW CS6 and many of the issues are not related to BC and this very well may be one of those non-BC related issues. Maybe I just need to get used to the changes and once I do everything will be okay, we will see. =>

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                  Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  Here is a little tip I just discovered.


                  When Importing a site into DReamweaver from BC, don't check to download the files. If you do, even though the files are transferring you only get the loader animation.


                  If you leave it unchecked and then 'Get' the entire site from the Files Panel, you get a log displaying the download activity so you can see if it is actually still downloading.

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                    Lynda-S Level 4

                    That is a good tip. After canceling the transfer I saw some files and then I just downloaded the rest of the site using the Files Panel. It seems to be working now okay now except for one Dreamweaver Issue.