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    Apparent CS 6 64 Bug:  Document Window  "snap" to Win 7 taskbar

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4



      Photoshop CS6 64; Windows 7 64:  Taskbar set to fixed view on the left hand side of a 2-monitor set-up.  Card:  nVidia Quatro FX3800:  All latest drivers




      Untabbed document windows cannot be repositioned on either monitor as it "snaps" back to left-hand edge of the left monitor.  Every time it is dragged to reposition and released, more of the document vanishes off the left hand side of the monitor until it is no longer visible.


      Temporary Fix


      Either tab the document window or move the taskbar to the bottom edge of the screen or set to auto hide.


      Can we have a patch please - as this isn't the method I work.