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    Web Hosting Features

    carowley Level 1

      Is there any documentation of what is included in the Creative Cloud Web Hosting?   The Creative Cloud feature description says that it includes "launching up to five web sites"


      What is the URL of these sites?    I assume a custom domain can at least be registered elsewhere and then pointed to the adobe sites?


      Do web file files count against the overall cloud storage limit?  (I would guess that they do)


      The online chat and phone support people are totally clueless about this.

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          craigget1 Level 1

          carowley, I agree with you about the webhosting being confusing. There is a whole bunch about this adobe creative cloud that seems confusing at best. I am very disappointed that the new creative cloud was not released today.  I got a gut feeling that there are some major bugs with the new creative cloud that have yet to be addressed.

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            David__B Adobe Employee

            The website hosting and features included with Creative Cloud Membership are done so through Business Catalyst. You can associate a domain with the included websites, although reserving of a domain is not included. The service included with CCM is webBasics.


            I'd recommend checking out the following links to learn more





            Hope that helps,



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              chogoleff Level 1

              Question, I have a Creative Cloud, and I CAN'T publish web site that has a Business Catalyst features, why? As a designer I want to have a fully featured LIVE web site, that I could demonstrate to the clients, but instead I have limited useless webBasic.


              I spent a lot of time develeping that Business Catalyst featured web site, hopping that I could make it live with my Creative Cloud account, but I can't. Why you advertised that we could have up to 5 web site on business catalyst, if we can't?

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                karin_newport Level 1

                Actually, I agree that this offering is disappointing. I didn't expect all the e-commerce and CRM functionality to be included, but the webBasics subscription doesn't even offer blogging functionality. C'mon Adobe, this is lame.

                I would be happy with the offering if it included at least the blogging engine and built-in modules.

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                  Log Home Level 1

                  I don't think you are providing correct information.  You can not integrate anything existing with Business Catalyst with Creative Cloud.  I have a $2000 Premiere Partner Portal with Business Catalyst and I can't use it with Creative Cloud.  I've been looking forward to this for months.  What a bait and switch.  Business Catalyst forced me to set up a new BC ID to worth with Creative Cloud but with only the most basic features.  Touch apps not included, BC doesn't really integrate, had Typekit issues with all my kits not appearing, Dreamweaver and Phonegap don't work at all with CS6..... The list goes on, the Creative Cloud is a big black cloud!

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                    symbolized_bar_code Level 2

                    Is it possible to upgrade these plans? Or only have 1 plan but have it be one of the other packages? The web basics does not even include email. Really, I would think I would need these to be the WebMarketing (email, blogging, and forms are a must) plan for them to be useful. Like everyone, I am sifting through these forums trying to find the scraps of information I want, but there seems to be some information missing.

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                      The_Badger Level 1

                      I too wish to add my discontent with the misleading inclusion of business cataylst site hosting. Whilst I didn't truly believe we'd get full ecommerce, I was expecting a lot more from Adobe. The creative cloud is progressively looking more like gaseous hype, as each day passes.


                      The slick CS6 / creative cloud presentations which had excited and inspired me now appear to be fuel on nothing more than snake oil.  Given I have the added privilege of a 50% price premium, for not being American it all leaves me disappointed and underwhelmed.


                      There was a really opportunity here for Adobe to win big and convert me forever. Instead, I'm dismally disappointed and questioning their integrity and my wisdom. Next year's subscription will not be the  automatic renewal it ought to have been. I shall be evaluating Creative cloud's value over theyear with less emotion and certainly less sympathy.


                      Perhaps "Buyer beware" applies but Adobe should beware of wary buyers!



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                        Log Home Level 1

                        Creative Cloud = Big Black Cloud.  I think I might just deactivate Creative Cloud even though I got a year free for attending Adobe Max 2011.  I'd rather just have CS6 even though Phonegap, Business Catalyst, and other features are not working at all.

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                          symbolized_bar_code Level 2

                          Im not quite at the point where I am ready to throw in the towell for Creative Cloud just yet. I guess we should expect it to be buggy for some time since it officially lauched yesterday. That said, they still have not commented on quite a few things or given us full disclosure on what is included? Is there an exit strategy for someone who is retiring or just wants to move back to a boxed edition when their subsription is over? When will we see lightroom included? The BC hosting issue (the answer from David was nice, but I got conflicting info from sales -through online chat - on Monday)? I guess what I am saying is that it is time start providing some real answers to the questions people have been asking since we first heard about CC. The bugs and glitches we can work with, but the information we need.

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                            gateless Level 1

                            My thoughts exactly.  Can we upgrade? I expected limited options, but this seems too restrictive.  We need more info!

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                              m!ndl0rd Adobe Employee

                              You can fill in the queries and submit the form @


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                                AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                @symbolized_bar_code, yes you can upgrade your sites if you would like additional features. To do so, go to the Partner Portal, click the Clients tab, under the Actions column for the site, click Upgrade. (You do need to create a free trial site before you will see the site on the Clients tab.)


                                I know that communication around what you get with Creative Cloud has not been very clear. Ultimately, we want to give you a whole bunch of things, and more specifically things that will be useful for you. I think Master Collection and everything else we include is an awesome starting point, but just keep in mind that there will be more coming in the future.


                                If you have any unanswered questions, let us know. (Unless it's specifically about web hosting included with Creative Cloud, please start a new discussion here; you'll get a better answer more quickly.)

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                                  symbolized_bar_code Level 2

                                  @Carey Burgess, thank you for the reply and the information. More importantly thank you for seeing the big picture and that Adobe as a company really has done a poor job (my words, not yours) of providing certain information. That made sense pre-launch, but at this point what is included right now (as well as upgrade paths and exit strategies) should be 100% transparent. Again, thanks for the info, now I can start looking at options and doing math and make a decison on if it is worth it to move any of my sites that direction.