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    Multi-links to Site

    Sure Aqua

      When an external site places a link to my web site www.sureaqua.com,  Google analytics shows that there is between 60-80 links even though there is only one reference on there site.


      Within the BC system,  I have a multple domains,  that are forwarded www.sureaqua.com.  They are www.sureaqua.com.auwww.sureaqua.jp , www.sureaqua.us and a couple of others.  Google analytics show that I have over 5500 links from www.sureaqua.com.au to www.sureaqua.com  and over 2600 links from www.sureaqua.jp to www.sureaqua.com


      For the ww.sureaqua.us  there appears to be no links showing in Google Analytics


      The reason I am concerned is that Google Analytics has written to and penalised my site for too many unnatural links. They have de-indexed my site.  I am trying to resolve this issue

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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Hi there,


          I had a look at your site setup and I don't see any issues there. You have a multi-lingual site and you have a domain for every language. Your content is in different languages, so you're not doing anything wrong. That said, what GA may want you to do is to use a different GA code for every domain. So, you may want to consider creating different GA codes for every domain and then adding them to the bottom of your templates.