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    Can't find customers support tickets


      I wish to view an open support ticket for my customer, but can not find it.

      From his backend, I click on "Help & Support" and are taken to my support area, not his.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They switched over to a new support ticket system.

          The old one is gone

          I am told important and open tickets are logged internally by support but it still sucks they just scraped and moved over.

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            thomasnrogers Level 1

            Hi Lian, Hi Hope you're wrong that they scrapped everything; the support tickets are an important record! Not only that, the ticket I wanted to look at is still open. My own personal tickets are still in place. It's just my customers tickets that seem to be missing.

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              vladyroman Adobe Employee

              Hi thomasnrogers,

              The support workflow for the business owners was not changed, so the support tickets opened by your customers can be seen from their Help & support page.

              Moreover, even though you don't have direct access to the tickets opened as a partner in the previous CRM, we will still solve them one by one and communicate with you via email.


              Please feel free to send me a PM with more details if you need any help to reach out to a case from the old system.


              I hope this helps.


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                thomasnrogers Level 1

                When I go through his website, and click on the support link, I end up at my

                own support tickets not his. Try it!




                Are you saying that my customer can see the support tickets, but not me, the

                partner that's running the website?




                Not being able to see support tickets is bogus. What happens if I want to

                update the ticket, or if I've solved the problem?




                My customer depends on me to put in support tickets on his behalf. If I

                can't see them, what good is it?



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                  Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Vlad, I do not even see any tickets we have made at all through the new support system. It is empty when I click and view.

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                    NaviB2 Level 2

                    Hi Vlad, seeing as we BC partners suddenly can't see our old cases submitted any more, can we please get a list dump of them at least? I had no idea this new help system was coming until I heard word of it in the LinkedIn Group, and I finally found the BC blog page announcing it as a done deal.


                    We have been with BC as partners since 2006, but don't qualify for level 2 help now as we have 'only' done 85 BC sites. Bummer. And when I log in to help now with my Adobe ID it says I have no closed cases. That's a lot of history and investment in BC to suddenly lose without notice. Is there anywhere I register my unhappines with this move by Adobe? Or is our little business too small to count?


                    I am really dismayed by this huge change without any consulting on the part of Adobe with its BC partners. And going from a 24 hour turnaround for queries to 3 days is just awful. We are really on our own out here now, and will have to just sort it out for ourselves if we have a problem, as any chance of a timely reply from Adobe on a BC problem is now gone.

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                      vladyroman Adobe Employee

                      Hi Mary,


                      We do our best to find a work-around for the partners to be able to access previous tickets opened in the BC CRM. For the moment I can't promise a solution, but I can tell you that we already work on it. I will keep you posted on this side. If in the meantime you need information about a specific case, please contact us and we will fully support you.


                      Regarding the direct access to 2nd level: this means that the partners with more than 100 sites will bypass the 1st level support and chat directly with a 2nd level engineer that can actualy help, considering the skills and experience of these partners.

                      The regular flow is exactly the one we used until now, and of course if the issue raised by a partner with less than 100 sites needs to be treated by a 2nd level engineer, we will do so. We didn't lower our level of service, but we decided to be efficient and proactive and to offer an extra service to a specific range of partners who would benefit most from our engineers' expertise.


                      About the 3 day turnaround time announcement: this is just a standard Adobe message that appeared in the workflow after we moved to the new CRM. Our level of service didn't change since moving to the new tools, and we are already working to change the message on that page, as it doesn't apply to the BC support. There is a chance that in the near future our turnaround time will slightly increase due to the team having to get used to the new tools, but on the long run we will work to have the same support level we had until now.


                      Moving to the new tools is going to help us be more scalable and efficient. Even though our workflows (both external and internal) are not perfect right now, they will improve. We began working right from the release day on a list of improvements that we want to bring, and as the team will be more comfortable with the tools, and the tools will be better tailored to fit the BC support needs, the tools will show more and more the value that they bring to all of us (both partners and support).Moreover we are continuously working on improving the skill level of our 1st tier support, so we the level of support quality should also get better.


                      I know that in the previous few months we all had a bumpy road, and I can assure you that we do our best to get better and better as in time we want to offer the support you need and deserve. We have a clear strategy that will get us where we all want to be, and the release of the new support tools and workflows was just another step towards delivering it. Please continue to give us feedback, as this is invaluable for us, and also keep in mind that an effort must be made before any great achievement. We are now just on our way to that achievement.



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                        vladyroman Adobe Employee

                        Hi Liam, in the support central page on adobe.com you can see only the tickets opened since moving to the new tools. Did you open any cases following the new workflow and you can't find them?

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                          Where's the white label support?

                          From my customer's help link, I goto Adobe BC Support.   No white label support.


                          In partner area, I then switched to the option to provide my own support, and put our help link in.   No dice, customer site still goes to Adobe BC.

                          Has Adobe just violated their premium partnership agreements with us by materially changing the offering, and in bad faith, failed to notify us partners in order to allow us to prepare for this?

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                            Mihai_Tica Adobe Employee



                            Make sure you are logged in with a non partner account when testing this. If you login in using your partner account you will see the Adobe support page, not your own.


                            Should system still redirect you to the Adobe support page pls send PM me with yout partner email address account and the website you noticed the incorrect link, i will look into this.

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                              NaviB2 Level 2

                              Hi Vlad,


                              Thanks so much for your long reply to my questions about the new support arrangement for partners with under 100 BC sites. I do feel a lot better now! Especially that I cans till get through to level 2 support, and that the turnaround time is likely to still be the 24 hours. I know you are all working very hard to improve things and I really do hope that this does. Our little company has made a huge investment in BC, in that if BC goes, our business does too, and you will probably find that a lot of little businesses out there in BC land are in the same boat.


                              Again, I think the comms have let BC down, as we didn't receive an email about such a fundamental change as this, just a blog with details of it all after the rollout. It was a bit Big Brother like, and did shake my evangelistic confidence in BC. However your long reply was great, and I look forward to working with you all as we head towards our 100th site (should take us till some time 2013 I think).


                              One more question I do have is about when my clients will be put into this new help environment, as I will need to email them to warn them. And will they then need to get an Adobe ID to access help on their websites? Also, when will the V3 interface be compulsory? As I need to get them used to the new editing interface and will need to notify them as well.


                              You see? BC partners like us need a bit of a road map so we can let our clients know what is coming.


                              Thanks so much,





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                                ehoffmandscxn Level 1

                                Hi Mary, I will echo those exact sentiments.   I have been similarly frustrated and maybe too much so.   Having worked with Adobe in so many other areas and had such terrific experiences has certainly made this so maddening.


                                Roadmaps would be a huge help like you say....and I am trying to push all clients to v3, and they love it.  

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                                  Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  No, old ones but Marius provided a link via the comments on the blog post to access them.

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                                    MagdaN Adobe Employee

                                    Hi everybody,


                                    Starting 2 months ago we have been holding regular meetings where we present the roadmap, and changes that are comming. The support workflow has been showcased in the meetings prior to the change, especially to allow people to see it in advance and comment on the changes, and bring suggestions.


                                    You can see the recordings for the meetings here:



                                    Our next meeting is on May 24th, and we will publish the invite here, and on the BC blog as well.




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                                      Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      To be fair though, it was a few screenshots and a short aspct on the support changes, it was very hard to know what to expect till it the changes have started happening Magda. I do not think it was enough. You guys did enough to say there was changes, but what changes, it was not that clear.

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                                        Leith (FWC) Level 1

                                        I agree Liam, it seem a little short on actual full detail.

                                        I am thinking these issue all point to a deticated partner channel as we have been requesting, both in the forum, but also possible another access point?

                                        And still points out that Partners are expect better "Annoucement" type emails around system updates etc, that are not lump in with the partner newsletter emails, somthing that makes you take notice!



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                                          I agree with all the above concerns, however what astounds me the most is that BC have pulled what only can be described as a dodgy act on all of us by pull all our past Support Cases out from under us without properly notifying us of the issue. If I had of known I would have a least taken a screen shot of the topic list just for my records.


                                          It's like something a 10 year old boy would do if he was ashamed of owning up to breaking a cup in the kitchen. Just put it in the bin and not tell anybody and hope that the problem will go away.


                                          Very unuprofessional. BC you need to realise that a lot of peoples lively hoods now relies on your clear communication and service.


                                          I'm yet to navigate the new Support area with a serious problem but I hope when I need it, that it won't let me and my valued clients down.


                                          Dissappointed Dean

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                                            Neil Eisenberg Level 2

                                            I agree with all the other comments.  I knew there would be a change, but not to this extent.  I just went to submit a case, and I see a problem I had with a dreamweaver purchase in 2007, but none of my BC partner cases from the past year!! It almost looks like you dont recognize me as a partner.  It is very confusing, and changing rapidly with not a lot of warning.  I went to the first Town Hall meeting, and also was selected to be on the advisory board, but I really have to dig to find out anything new that's going on.


                                            This is all not very clear.

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                                              Neil Eisenberg Level 2

                                              Agree.  Again, I always ask what are we really getting as a partner? It looks like we got a downgrade.   And seriously, I have 50 sites, not 100 but now I get less support?   Seems odd.

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                                                thomasnrogers Level 1

                                                Here's a simple work around to be able to view your old support tickets via your clients portal. This was provided by Aniela Goia via the LinkedIn BC Partners group.

                                                "After logging into Partner Portal, please go to this URL to reach the old support interface, including your past cases: http://syd.worldsecuresystems.com/PartnerPortal/Support.aspx."

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                                                  vladyroman Adobe Employee

                                                  Hi nelz55,


                                                  As previously mentioned, you will not get less support. You will simply have direct chat as you did until now to 1st level chat, and if your issue will require 2nd level assistance, it will get it. Exactly as it did until now.



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                                                    vladyroman Adobe Employee

                                                    Hi all,

                                                    After a review of the feedback received from the community in the last week, we decided to stop the initiative of providing direct access to 2nd level support chat for the partners with more than 100 paid sites, and to begin searching for solutions that will be better suited.



                                                    In the next period we will work on defining a solution that will prioritize the access to support in a more gradual and objective manner (for example depending on the partner status, the number of sites, etc.) and before implementing it we will thoroughly consult the partner community and course correct based on the received feedback.



                                                    Thank you for your involvement from the last days, and I am looking forward to providing a better level of support.