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    update problem


      I keep getting the message "An update to this item is available but requires a newer version of the app. Please update your App from the App store" i have the latest content viewer app? It only happens when I create folios on my laptop I've checked the software and its all up to date?

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          Are you on v19 or v20?  If v20, apple hasn't approved the new viewer yet (see top post about approval status).  If you can't wait, then go back to v19.

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            Tell me Adobe did not do this again......

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              Adi Ravid Adobe Employee

              The folio was built using a newer producer tools than the Content Viewer App you're using.


              If you installed the latest tools (release 20) the iPad viewer app for this release is still not available.

              You can either:

              - Wait for the update release and follow its status in the updated post Neil provide us (currently "In Review")

              - Roll back to the previous release (v19) as Bob Levin suggests.

                - If you have a Professional or Enterprise account you can sign-in to your Viewer Builder and generate your own Custom Content Viewer App.

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                jkuhns5 Level 3

                This is a normal part of the process.  Since adobe is continually updating DPS, which requires content viewer updates on different platforms, this will happen.  You have to be very careful when you update the different parts of DPS.  Before you ever do an update for any part of DPS, check www.caniupdateadobedps.com, at this moment in time it says "hold your horses" for that very reason.  At the top of the discussions is a pinned topic on the status of the different approvals for content viewer.  If you have a pro or enterprise account you can build your own viewer.

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                  DaveyGee60 Level 1

                  Thanks all I down graded the tools to v19 and alls well, which is good as i am sitting in a client office and it might have been a  little embarrassing