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    CS6 Design & Web Premium download hangs at 462mb


      When trying to download from the licensing.adobe.com site there is no "Direct" download link for the Installer. When trying to use the "Download Manager" link it opens the popup window as usual, it then starts the download for the installer through Safari's default download as if it's direct but this continues fine till it hangs at 462mb.


      I've rince and repeated this process a few times. The direct downloads for the Goodies Content files work fine.


      I've also tried downloading the trial version which also hangs at 462mb. I've then tried downloading it through the Adobe Download Assistant which downloads fine until 10.13% of 4,558mb which I assume is 462mb.


      I've tried it on the iMac (Snow Leopard) through Safari and a PC (Windows 7 64bit) in Firefox. They all hang at 462mb.