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    .htaccess blank




      I'm having trouble with the .htaccess file. (I'm running MAMP and Dreaweaver on a MacBook Pro.)


      I set 'show hidden files', created the .htaccess file in the Files panel for Dreamweaver - uploaded it to the testing server, etc. The file is blank and there is nothing to edit.


      Is this because I am using a testing server? or is there another problem? What am I missing?


      I have searched the web for about an hour on this - and all instructions make the task sound so simple - just a case of creating the file - but I have had no success so far.





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          sudarshan.t Ninja

          You need not have DreamWeaver to make .htaccess files.


          You could do it from your web host cPanel (if you have access to it). Or, you could use a plain text editor like TextWrangler or Smultron (my personal favorite). Create your .htaccess file and upload using FTP on your sandbox/ testing server. You should be good to go.