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    CS6 Install - Uninstall CS5?

    BJBBJB1 Level 1

      I have upgraded Premiere Pro and Production Premium....well, more than a few times.  Usually I do a fresh install, bite the bullet, uninstall the prior version and install the new one. But this time, since it is not at the same time as an OS upgrade, for the first time I am considering keeping Production Premium Suite and Premiere Pro 5 installed while installing CS6.


      I know that EVERY version of Production Premium Suite/Premiere Pro has it's install challenges.  But other than those....I have not even begun to cull those lists, are there known issues in my keeping my CS5 prior versions of all these programs lying around?  I mean do the software upgrades fight each other?  Do they start sharing preferences? 


      Part of me says just uninstall the prior version and go for it.  But trying ot capture all of my preference files, etc. is a hassle.  In the past, just buying a new hard drive and installing the new version solves that problem. With an SSD and no new OS, that is not going to happen.


      I guess I could just back it up and I'll have access to all the files if I need them.  Perhaps that is the best solution.


      So is the best choice:

      1) Uninstall 5.5 then install 6?

      2) Or install 6, and at some later date uninstall 5?


      Thanks for any input on this.


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          monstremoi Adobe Employee

          Hey there -- I've had prior versions of PPRO coexist without issues on my systems. I don't see any problem with having PPRO CS 5 being simaltaneously installed with PPRO CS 6. Of course, backing up the system is always a good idea, we should be doing this routinely. Unistalling PPRO CS 5 will not cripple PPRO CS 6, after PPRO CS 6 is installed.

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            Powered by Design Level 4

            I have CS 4, 5, and 5.5 on my system.


            I find it great to be able to go back if i need to.


            There is no problem keeping them on.  Just dont delete the old one after installing the new one since it does sometimes mess things up.


            Also CS6 does NOT have OnLoaction so CS5.5 is the last version to have it if you use it.




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              leslie wand Level 2

              Also CS6 does NOT have OnLoaction


              REALLY!? didn't realise that (not that it would have stopped me). is there any alternative?

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                BJBBJB1 Level 1

                Thanks to all for the insight.  Looks like I should just install the new version and let them live together.

                I assume the newest version would take over all windows default file-type file "open" assignments so a double-click would bring up the CS6 version, correct?

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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  @ leslie


                  I think Prelude took OnLocations place but there isnt any live capture.


                  I read somewhere in the OnLocation forun I think that Todd said that maybe some of the feature of OnLocation might merge into Prelude but dont know when or what will make it.  I guess its just up to what features people are asking for.



                  @ BJBBJB1


                  Whenever I have installed a newer version of Adobe it has always taken over as the default when I double click.