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    Adding HTTP live stream to a .swf file

    Sv Bell

      Wasn't sure where to post this message since it's related to FMS and Flash Professional, but I posted in the Flash forum:



      Let me know if you have a hint about this!




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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          You cannot use same code to play HTTP Stream which you used to play RTMP. You need to use OSMF based player like Strobe as you mentioned in your post. You can just one of these players and just emded them where you want to. You can find more details about OSMF and various players here: http://osmf.org/

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            Sv Bell Level 1

            But the HTML from the OSMF player cannot be embedded in a SWF file... What I loved about RTMP is that it can be part of a simple SWF (saved as a projector), and a single app can be shared / posted everywhere to watch the video stream. The OSMF solution forces viewers to come to my web site to watch movies. That is a huge step back for me since 90% of my current viewers (around 25,000) are watching remotely, without ever coming to my web site.

            I wanted HTTP streaming in order to reach iPhone devices - I hope it will be worth!!

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              SE_0208 Adobe Employee

              I think you can build AIR application based on OSMF player - so that your user base can directly invoke it from Desktop as any other application rather than coming on your website.


              Now coming to iOS - you can use our HLS(HTTP Live Streaming based on Apple's HTTP Streaming Specification) feature introduced in 4.5 for iOS based http streaming. You can either use video tag of HTML5 or build Native iOS app. OR you can still use same AIR application and upload it to Apple's App Store for HDS streaming - so choice on iOS is yours - whether you want to go for Native app and HLS OR AIR App and HDS.