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    Hafka78 Community Member



      i was wondering, if there is a possibility to display a swf application switched into "real" fullscreen mode. I have three subquestions:


      1) If I do not try to switch to fullscreen mode at all, application is displayed in flash player with all its controllers. Is it possible to display a flash player without theese controllers? Concrete Nokia model, where i tested it, is 5800 XpressMusic. (I need to run it on all models, of course.)


      2) I was trying to switch into fullscreen using


      fscommand2("FullScreen", true);


      And I was successfull. Command returns 0, which is fine. Flash player switched into fullscreen mode. But flash player still diplays a "fullscreen version" of its controllers. Is it possible to somehow display flash without theese controllers? Or it is dependent on device, where the flash player runs?


      3) The method described above is functional only when I run pure swf file. When I packaged it into sis file and installed it, fscommand2 had no effect. Flash player didn't switch into fullscreen at all. Is there any way, how to force flash player play application in fullscreen mode even if it is packaged as sis file?

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          Hafka78 Community Member

          Hi to all,


          I was able to run a fullscreen mode in sis file. It appeared, that it was caused by my own mistake. Two firts questions still remain - Can I run a flash without flash player default controllers? I only need to see my own content.


          Thanks in advice.

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            Paradigm Community Member

            You can if you don't mind sacrificing funtionality you can export using the "Actionscript 1.0" and "FlashPlayer 8" export options.  Use the following FS Commands as Actions on the first frame anywhere on the time line:


            fscommand("fullscreen", "true");

            fscommand("allowscale", "true");

            fscommand("resize", "true");

            fscommand("showmenu", "false");

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              datedire Community Member

              Thank you Paradigm this is helpful