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    Multiprocessing settings with 32GB Ram. Need some help...(CS5.5)

    daoldenburger Level 1

      Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone here is able to help me fine tune the multiprocessing settings in CS5.5.

      System specifications:

      Windows 7 X64

      Intel Core i7 3930k (hexacore). So With hyperthreading enabled this comes down to 12 Cores

      32GB Corsair memory

      120gb Vertex 3 SSD



      I read everything I could about multiprocessing settings on this page: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/543440

      But the table giving recommended settings does not go higher than 24GB. I tried a lot of different settings with giving more and less ram to other applications and so forth, but not one setting really gives the performance I am looking for. Render times as a such are not that bad but it's the waiting for the background processes to start thats killing me. Everytime I do a RAM-Preview AE will freeze for a couple of seconds before actually starting to do some work. I realize this has something to do with the amount of memory I give to my processing threads, but I cant find the right balance it seems.


      Since I work with a lot of HD footage I set the amount of RAM per thread @ 3GB.


      If someone can help me out with this I'll be very gratefull!


      With regards,