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    Javascript Error 45, repairs are futile


      Hello, I have had the same issue as this guy: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1313096

      Javascript error 45, oject invalid, line 387, and then 428. The program then crashes if I click on anything.


      I am running CS3 on Windows Vista.


      Have tried a system restore to a point before InD was crashing; deleting recovery data; reinstalled the software; then deleted program entirely and resinstalled... Also tried searching for "jsx" files within "startup scripts" as in here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3415159 however, there is no Startup Scripts folder: the Scripts folder has an empty folder in it called Scripts Panel.  (All hidden files are shown). When I remove that folder, another is created upon launching the application.


      I also searched for this guy: OEBExportMenuItemLoader.jsx and it did not show up in a search.


      The only thing allowing me to run InD is creating a new user. What should I do now? All my stuff is under the old user account. so...is there any way to run InD "as myself" anymore?