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    Adobe Media Encoder CS 5.5 hangs on startup

    Kvetchus Level 1

      I've been using AME CS5.5 successfully for some time now, however, this week I was given a WMV file that used the GoToMeeting.com codec for video and AME (along with every viewer I had) couldn't open it until I'd installed GoToMeeting.  After which, I could view the video with irfanview and windows media player, but AME would still not open it.  So, I installed MS Expression Encoder 4 which COULD open it, and I encoded it with a standard VC-1 codec.  I was expecting to then be able to open AME and encode it into FLV as I usually do.  However, when I did that I found the program would no longer open.  The splash image shows as it loads modules, but when it hits the quicktime one, it hangs.  I've made a quick vidcap of the issue here:




      I rushed a little in the vidcap, but I've let it sit for up to an hour, and still got nothing.


      I've tried deleting the AppData folder completely (C:\Users\[account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\5.5) and got nothing and the files that are then contain no useful information.


      Is it possible that MSEE somehow corrupted the ImporterQuicktime.pm module (seems pretty unlikely to me)?  Couldn't have been GoToMeeting because I was able to start AME without any problems after I'd installed that.


      My system is Windows 7 and I'm using CS5.5 (Design Premium)



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          ivansull Adobe Employee

          Does the QuickTime player open?  If not, it might be some issue with a  codec that Expression Encoder installs... try uninstalling it and see what happens.  If that doesn't help, try uninstalling and reinstalling AME.

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            Kvetchus Level 1

            Quicktime works normally and uninstalling Expression Encoder didn't help.  I need to work though my IT departement to get AME re-installed since they manage it centrally via a volume license.  Regardless, AME doesn't appear on my Programs list, and under CS5's uninstall, it's not one of the options, any idea how to re-install it without having to blow away CS5.5 completely?

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              Kvetchus Level 1

              Another thought occured to me that might be totally unrelated, but to open an Illustrator doc, I had to install a font along with it.  Is it possible that this font could have caused the problem here?  I ran across a post while searching for ImporterQuickTime.pm that seemed to imply that a corrupted font was an issue (although in that case it was After Effects crashing).  However, if that was the case, I'd think other CS5.5 programs would throw errors and that's not happening.

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                Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee



                Please try this:

                Delete everything in the following folders. 

                I see you did this for the first one.

                See if deleting the other ones solves this issue.


                C:\Users\[account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\5.5


                C:\Users\[account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files


                AME doesn't have uninstaller.  Since Design Premium installed it, the only way to uninstall it is to uninstall the entire suite. 


                I suspect one of these other applications you installed or modified Quicktime (which we do use) and in turn this is causing a problem for AME. You might also want to uninstall/reinstall Quicktime player again on your system and see if that solves this issue. 



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                  Kvetchus Level 1

                  Yup, I tried removing all that to no avail.  I pulled the ImporterQT.prm file from a collegue's CS4 installation though, and deleted the ImporterQuickTime.prm file from my system and AME was able to load since it pulls the modules from that directly dynamically regardless of filename (handy!).  Unfortunatly, the way my IT department handles the CS package is by downloading trials directly from adobe.com, then unlocking with a license key -- but I couldn't find where on Adobe.com to download CS5.5 design premium now, it's all CS6 only (we don't have installation disks).  Is there a place I can go to download CS5.5?  Either way, for the time being, I'm in good shape unless there was some fundamental change in the QT importer module other than the filename between CS4 and 5.5?