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    Fixing CS4 installation

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      I just uninstalled InDesign CS6 -- which leaves on my computer InDesign CS4.


      Some file associations are now not quite working properly (specifically,

      for the ExtendScript toolkit).


      Is there any way to "fix" an installation of InDesign CS4? (without

      having to uninstall and reinstall)





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            Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


            I have also posted this in the main forum as I'm not sure if it's more

            of a scripting ESTK issue or general InDesign issue.




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              Silly me. I posted the same question twice on this forum by mistake and

              John has rightly locked the other thread. If anyone has any ideas, thank

              you in advance. Meanwhile, I will post this on the main forum as it

              might get a better response there.



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                I'm curious what applications .jsx files are supposed to be associated

                with (on Windows). I've hitched them up to the ESTK executable and it

                doesn't help -- that is, click on a .jsx does indeed open it for editing

                in ESTK, but despite the .jsx file beginning with a #target line, the

                script does not automatically run.


                Just to clarify: suppose you save the following as a .jsx file on your

                desktop and double-click it:


                #target ESToolkit

                alert("I'm pretending to be an application!");



                the result should be an alert box appearing (after a security dialog

                appearing). It should not be that the script opens for editing in ESTK.


                For me that is not happening right now.


                So I'm wondering if that's because .jsx files shouldn't actually be

                associated directly with Extendscript Toolkit.exe but with some other

                helper app that directs them to the right place.


                It might be of help if someone could check their working installation

                and tell me what .jsx files are associated with.