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    A user uploads a new pdf (using Dreamweaver) but still gets the old version back in browser.

    Chris C. 1972

      She downloads the file from the site, and gets the old version of the file instead of the one she just uploaded. I tried it myself and everything is done correctly: the new file is on the server but download keeps displaying the old version. Dreamweaver ticks off the bytes as they are going upstream. I can RDP to the server and see that the newer version is there (by datetime stamp). She is using IE 8 if relevant.


      This only happens with pdf, no caching is turned on in IIS6 - all content updates are instant.

      I have gone in to the temp internet files and deleted the cached version of the file and emptied the trash (Win XP) but it still serves the old version.

      This issue has been reported by other users, but I thought it was user error until it was staring me in the face.

      My final verification was to upload the new document with a new name, delete the old document, and rename the new name to the old name - after that it delivered the new document


      How do I tell the (non-tech) user fix this?

      I've seen references to this on other sites (now that I know it is real, I dug deeper) but the solutions proposed mostly seem to involve changing the query string by adding somthing to the end of it.

      This is out of reach of my user.


      I can't be the first person to encounter this right?


      And note that I went into the server... the document was uploaded, and IIS caching is off.


      I was told by someone here (and I can't reproduce it in my office) that I should tell the user to go to Adobe Reader | Edit | Preferences | Internet.

      Then tell her to uncheck all three boxes (display in browser, allow fast, and allow speculative)


      But I don't see how that would fix it - remember that I deleted the pdf from the internet cache and that didn't solve it.



         -Chris C. 1972