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    Mask doesn't work.


      In Photoshop why is the area of my layer mask slightly visible, when it should be completely invisible?

      When I add a layer mask to any layer, select the layer mask, then use the brush tool to paint COMPLETELY black on part of the layer image, where I've painted usually becomes totally invisible.


      However, lately the part where I've painted on stays at about 7% visible, no matter how many times I paint over it, kind of like there's some setting which makes layer masks only work to a certain percentage, then doesn't let you to erase anymore.


      ***THE BRUSH OPACITY IS AT 100%.*** This happens on all the files I've tested on (including new ones). Both of the layers blend modes are normal.


      Is this a glitch or a setting I added then forgot about? Even after I restarted the computer, the problem persisted, so I'm guessing it's a setting, but which one?