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    How to locate Photos that are "missing"?

    Shelby A. Quist

      I tried to export my photos, and lightroom said they were not successfully exported. Then in photoshop they are " missing". I googled it and found how to locate a file by clicking the '?' , but it just takes me to my desktop where I do not have any photos! I cant find them, help please?

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can‘t find them and neither can LR which is of course the problem.


          At least on the Mac, one trick I find that works is to take the name of the missing file, copy it, then when the dialog appears asking you to locate it, in that open/save dialog is an area where you can paste the name it the file is searched for on the Mac. Assuming it is there and found, while in that dialog, once you click on the document, LR now knows where the file resides.


          If you can copy the name and search outside LR, jot down the location then do this manually, the end results are the same; LR knows where the file lives once you show it the location.

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            dj_paige Level 10

            Outside of LR, search your hard disk for the photos.


            Then inside of LR, when you reconnect by clicking on the ?, point to the folder where the photos are now.