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    Multiplexed Mpeg-DVD Playback Issues (skipping)


      Been having this problem for a while now, but I feel as if it wasn't always an issue.


      Rendering any type of sequence as a multiplexed Mpeg-DVD file (.mpg) results in random choppiness when the video is played back in a media player (tested on WMP12, the latest Media Player Classic, and Windows Media Center). The choppiness does not happen when the file is rendered as non-multiplexed and then multiplexed in a different program such as TMPGEnc. Choppiness from the multiplexed .mpg is not noticable when re-imported into Premiere and previewed.


      Windows 7

      Premiere Pro CS5.5.2
      Community Codec Pack
      K-Lite Codec Pack


      Uninstalling the codec packs does not solve the issue.