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    Crash in CS5 leads to permanent program faults (no shape tweens, layer removal, undo)


      A week or so ago my flash pro crashed (it happens a lot to be honest), but upon starting it up again, all instances of shape tweens were no longer functional. Hints were not recognized at all, or it would completely remove any tweening between keyframes. Additionally, my program became much slower, and was unable to delete layers, properly select symbols, and use the undo function.


      Uninstalling/reinstalling flash did little to fix the issue, clearing my configuration folder did not solve anything. What DID work was using the "uninstall cleaner" tool available from Adobe (used mostly to upgrade to and whatnot), and then I reinstalled my entire suite. This restored original functionality, only for it to break back to the prior state following another crash.


      Running flash pro on another user account has functional tweens, and any prior files function appropriately, so I think it is something tied to my user account, yet as I said, removing my config. does nothing. What is going on and how do I fix this?

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          You can open up msconfig (start->run->msconfig) and choose the "Diagnostic Startup" radio option to limit what is loaded to the bare essentials. Reboot and try Flash. If it works then something in your user account is definitely corrupt and we really can't tell you what that is beyond run normal antivirus/malware/spyware/etc apps and hope it finds something.


          Remember to run msconfig again and set it back to "Normal Startup".


          If it continues to crash, try saving your files in a new location, hopefully outside your user folder (c:\users\yourusername). Like make a folder c:\test and try your files there to see if you have some user corruption going on in your user folder.