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    Adobe is about to lose a LOUD customer!


      I'm in the middle of Pre-Production and my Adobe Story just deactivated all of my revisions and page locks.  No warning or anything.  Not a very cool move on your part to launch a new (highly overpriced) product.  Now I'm having to waste time importing everything back into Final Draft when I should be spending my time prepping my film.  Very VERY unhappy with Adobe right now.

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          AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

          Sorry to hear of your trouble but we posted about the move to subs and the differentiated offering on our Facebook page and also on the story product pages.


          Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.



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            I agree with CanyonPrince.


            Incredibly unprofessional how the transition was handled. I was in a very similar situation myself. I've only just noticed that track changes are unavailable for the desktop version until I upgrade.


            Such a shame, because I have been very impressed with Story and its developers up until this point.

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              Damir Frkovic

              I agree... a very bad and careless transition... I for one will not continue to use Story... it was fun while it lasted.

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                I agree with you about the overpricing. There ARE alternative collaborative products, which can be bought outright for half the monthly subscription to Adobe Story Plus, and certainly I won't be subscribing.


                I also think it was 'a poor show' to use a cricketing term (I think!) when five minutes after I'd bought After Effects CS 5.5, which include a version of Adobe Story Plus that would allow me to share with a co-writer, and print off various reports (locations, character, actors, etc), suddenly it all went, leaving me with no more usability than, say, Celtx - which is free and not bopgged down with articles in its 'Help' pages which talk about "what Adobe Story" can do - when what Adobe actually mean is the Plus version. The free version just might as well go away because it is clearly only there to  encourage people to subscribe to the Plus version. Personally, I quite like Scrivenor.

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                  Maxim Jago

                  It's pretty frustrating to have access to functionality, and then to lose that functionality but there are a couple of things I'd add to this thread in Adobe's defence:


                  Story was in Beta. It's common to provide functionality in a Beta software release that will ultimately be paid for. That's the point of a Beta version - so multiple users can try things out and the code can be improved.


                  Also, I don't agree with your comment on the free version going away...


                  The free version of Story includes full script writing functionality (without a page limit or a watermark), it includes export options to collaborate using different file types, including Final Draft and Movie Magic. You can add comments, it has versioning, can track changes and more. And it's free. For no money. My favourite flavour : ) .


                  That kind of functionality is expensive to build into an application, and while there will always be debates about which application is best for one thing, and which is best for another, it feels a little indulgent to complain about fully functioning software that's free to use. While I agree, Adobe clearly would prefer users to upgrade to the full version, this does not diminish the fact that the free version is 'pukka'.


                  I don't represent Adobe, but I think Story is great. The free version is fantastic for film students and poor indie film makers alike.

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                    NorfolkVideo Level 1

                    I didn't have Story 'in Beta'. No messages to that effect with the version supplied to me. I don't normally use 'Beta' software because of the risks I perceive are inherent in it. No, I had a version which did the things Plus now apparently does. And then it didn't.


                    I am not saying that Story is 'bad'. It does everything Celtx and Scrivenor do (as far as I can tell) and more. My moan was an echo of Canyon Prince's above, that the functionality of the version I was supplied with suddenly and without any warning (that I received) was taken away, apparently removing any advantage Story had over those other apps. The cake tin is handed to you, open, then, when you're about to grab the cake you like, somebody bigger comes along and slams the lid down.


                    I am one of those 'poor indie film-makers' too.

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                      watkino1 Level 1

                      Let me add my voice to the loud choir of complaints.


                      Dear Adobe Story Team,


                      I am one PISSED OFF customer. I have used Adobe media production software since Adobe Premiere Version 5.0 (circa 1995 - well before Creative Suite.)


                      I have suffered a lot in that time, and with the advent of CS5, proudly waved the Adobe Flag in front of even more pissed off Final Cut Pro users left in the dust with the release of Ver. X.


                      No more proud flag waving. Everything that has already been said in this thread I too experienced and I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.


                      I too was completely convinced I was in the possession of a new app within the Creative Suite and as such would enjoy the full range of features as long as my CS license was active. If there was a "Beta" disclaimer - I must have missed it. If the functionality was going to be yanked - I would have expected an in your face splash screen other trialware uses to clearly advertise what you are getting - no such information was apparent to me.


                      Only one course of action you can take for me to be happy: Restore the full functionality needed to either complete or bail out of my project and take the Character List and all documents created in Story with me. 


                      Until then, I'll move back to a completely free and robust script creation utility called CELTX - and scream to as many user forums, facebook media production group pages, twitter followers, etc. how you TOTALLY SCREWED US OVER.

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                        AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

                        You should not be blocked from exporting your files to txt, FinalDraft 8 or PDF formats out of Story. Please let us know if you are. We might also be able to assist you if you are stuck. We’ve offered help to every customer who is stuck on a deadline and has been adversely impacted by the transition.


                        I’m sorry that you’ve not had a good experience with Story.



                        Anubhav Rohatgi

                        Sr. Product Manager