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    Upgraded PS CS4 in late 2011: new policy change?!


      Hullo.... I'm wondering if anyone else is caught in the same boat I am, and if they've had a resolution to the problem? It concerns upgrading in late 2011. The only other post I found was here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4374091#4374091


      In late 2011 Adobe released a statement that users had to upgrade to a CS5 version because CS4 would not be eligible to upgrade to CS6. I did as Adobe suggested (got Photoshop CS5.1) and now I find out that they ARE allowing CS4 users to upgrade to CS6?! I feel cheated and used by Adobe. They want an extra $200 from me because they 'changed ther mind' and extended the policy in to 2012? Not all of us are business class users who can afford to be pushed around like this. It'd be good business if they would address this issue for myself and others in this situation, who were only doing the responsible thing and upgrading like they told us we had to, otherwise we'd have to buy the CS6 version out right. Personally? I am livid.


      Calling customer support says that although they sympathize, they can't do anything because it's 6 months or so ago that it was purchased. Do *something*! I did everything I could short of talking to someone 'in charge', because I was told nothing would change even if I could.


      Thoughts? Experiences?