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    flash player videos do not load properly about 80% of the time


      Using 64 bit W7

      Firefox 12, latest version of Chrome

      latest version of FP as of yesterday ( about 6 times trying to fix this in the past week.

      Ever since I updated flash player about a week and a half ago (I dont know what version I was using before...the auto-updater told me to upgrade so I did ..big mistake I guess), every video site, every video has had issues loading unless I get extremely lucky. I usually have to refresh the videos about 4 or 5 times to get them to fully load. When they DO finally load they usually do so at a snail pace.  Most of the time the videos will load 40-70% and then just freeze their buffer forever until I refresh a bunch. I know this is a flash issue because it happens on both FF and Chrome, and I switched to the HMTL5 trial on Youtube and have had ZERO issues with HMTL5 videos. Unforutnately, youtube is the only big website that seems to support HMTL5 right now so that's not a solution. And of course, the biggest factor in me knowing this is a flash issue is because it happened the very day I upgraded to this version.


      Any help at all would be appreicaited...I've tried all the things listed on the FAQs such as disabling HMTL5, clearing cache, completely installation. deleting Flash's cache completey, ect ect....no changes at all.