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    FMIS doesn't work after upgrade


      Hello all,



      1. I'm broadcasting live shows using FMS.

      I've upgraded my streaming server to FMIS 3.5 cause I wanted to use the dvrcast app, allowing me to save the stream directly to the server.


      The stream is found on the server but I cant watch the stream using the most simple flvplayback setup.


      If I broadcast with my FMLE while the component is open on my Flash cs5 stage, I can see the broadcast but the minute I publish it in HTML, all I get is a blank screen.



      2. I'm using 4 Sony EX-3 cameras connected to Panasonic av-hs400 live mixer. all connected using HD-SDI.

      I'm broadcasting using a laptop with FMLE. What is the best way to connect the live mixer with my laptop?



      Thank you,


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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          Since you are saying its working on stage - it does not look like FMS problem. But still do you see any errors on server or application logs when you try to playback using HTML.


          For second question - i am not sure about that - may be you can post on FMLE forum and see if someone there can help you.