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    Livepkgr Performance Tuning

    Michael Kennedy (12345) Level 2

      Are there any good recommendations for tuning FMS for livepkgr performance? The only parameter I can see is IOBufferSize, adn there is nothing in the docs to indicate what a good value for this should be (or why teh default is just 4kb)

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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          If i may ask what kind of tuning are you looking for - i mean is it that you want to reduce the delay in streams or use less memory or less CPU - can you be little more specific. Is there some performance issue you are running using default service?

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            Michael Kennedy (12345) Level 2

            Specifically, I want to reduce the overall load on the HTTP origin servers. Looking at the performance of the servers, disk IO seems to be a significant bottleneck, so anythign that coudl reduce teh load on teh servers woudl help. The documentation on IOBufferSize was the only thing I coudl see, and there is no guidance on what the values actually mean. Certainally I cannot see why the value of 4096 is the default, as this woudl seem to be very low for any kind of video delivery.


            I am not concerned so mush with live delay, but any advise on reducing CPU or memory usage is also of benefit.


            Servers are running 4.5.2, mostly with teh default parameters. All content is encrypted using Flash Access, and jit.conf configuration for on-demand assets. Live is also Flash Access encrypted.

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              SE_0208 Adobe Employee

              I think load on your server is not because of recording - its more to do with your subscribers. As more and more subscribers hit you there would be more load on your server - the way to spread this is to have network of Caching Servers in between and spread the load - so that each request does not hit the Origin server.