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    Encore CS6 Menu Templates (From Cloud)

    DearlG Level 1

      The predesigned menu sets and assets in Encore are not visible. The only set showing in the dropdown is "General" but there are no assets associated with it.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did you actualyl choose to instal lthe Library? Are your prefs pointing to the correct local location?



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            DearlG Level 1

            I had DL & installed the trial version (before CC was available) and when CC became available, then Encore went to subscription status and the "continue trial" splash screen went away (as one would expect). During the install, there were no options to include/not include the content library. I have checked the Prefs and under "Media" in points to C:\Program Files\Adobe|Adobe Encore CS6\Library. When I looked at that location, the "Library" folder is missing. I also checked the Encore forum and saw that someone else has asked the question over there and got this reply from an Adobe employee...


            Adobe Employee

            May 11, 2012 9:18 AM





            The complete Encore Functional Content will be available in a few days through a separate download.



            Neeraj Gupta


            Guess we'll just have to wait on it.


            Thanks for your reply.