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    Off-Line Activation


      I am trying to activate my new CS6 on an off-line computer. The printed material sends me to:"www/adobe.com/go/activation", and the screen directions are to: "Adobe.com/go/getactivated" BUT the first leads to generalized support with no obvious link for my problem and the second link doesn't work. Where am I  REALLY supposed to go? How do I get activated with an off-line computer?



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          Jeff A Wright Employee Hosts

          The following steps should allow you to complete offline activation process:


          1. Go to the Serial Number Validation screen.
          2. Click "Having trouble connecting to the internet."
          3. Click Offiline Activation.
          4. Click Generate a Response Code.
          5. Write down the Request Code.
          6. Goto a online computer and navigate to www.adobe.com/go/getactivated.
          7. Click Offlice Activation.
          8. SIgn in with their Adobe ID.
          9. Enter their resquest code and click Generate.
          10. Write down their Response code.
          11. Goto the offline computer.
          12. Enter the Response Code obtained from the website.
          13. Click Activate.