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    Bridge will not open


      I cannot get bridge to open on my main user account.

      It will run on a secondary user account.

      I have tried right click  run as admin

      I still have Ps and Bridge From Cs 2 on my Comp did not want to remove them untill i was up to speed on CS6

      Os win 7

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          m!ndl0rd Adobe Employee

          Have you tried to launch Bridge from the Photoshop?

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            edpouso Level 1

            yes. does not work

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              Scott Worthington Adobe Employee

              Does it give an error message?


              In a scenario where it works under one account but not the other on the same computer it may be tied to things like preference corruption, folder permissions or other account configurations such as re-mapped folder locations for example. It would be worth knowing exactly how your account was setup and if all else fails, following steps to perform an account migration in a worst-case scenario.


              Yet before going through all that, it might be worth checking out the steps here:


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                edpouso Level 1

                I have 2 user accounts.

                the first 1 the primary account is was created when i first started the comp, it has admin rights. the 2nd account i setup for a family member. to use.

                they used it 1 time for a few min back in feb.  they changed nothing and i know this because  i ended up doing the work and they just typed in the info needed at the time.


                Bridge CS2 works fine.

                other cs6 programs seem to work although i have not had time to work in depth with them.

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                  edpouso Level 1

                  Tried the fixes from  you help page  http://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/troubleshoot-errors-freezes-bridge-wi ndows.html

                  did not work

                  should i try re installing Ps?

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                    Scott Worthington Adobe Employee

                    I would not say no, as I have seen things like that help.


                    However you know the installation itself is fine as it works under the other account. The issue is with the account, its settings, itself, most likely.


                    If the automatic approach to clearing preferences hasn't worked, the manual approach may be worth looking at.


                    Delete the entire contents of the Cache folder located at

                    C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS6


                    Delete the "!!Last.workspace" file located at

                    C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS6\Workspaces


                    Delete the following registry key:

                    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Bridge CS6\Preference


                    We recommend backing up the registry before making any kinds of changes to it.

                    These steps are user account specific, related to bridge and may help but when deleting files, always exercise caution.

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                      edpouso Level 1

                      i will try that next. while i was looking  at the support page live chat poped up not so great service.


                      You are now chatting with 'Parthibaraj'

                      Parthibaraj: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.

                      Parthibaraj: I have received your query. Please allow me a moment to verify your account and to review the details of your request.

                      Parthibaraj: As I understand that you are not able to open CS 6 Bridge, am I correct?

                      ed pouso: yes

                      Parthibaraj: Thank you for confirming the issue.

                      Parthibaraj: I will be happy to assist you with this information.

                      Parthibaraj: May I know the complete name and version of the software that you are using?

                      ed pouso: i am not sure what to do now.  Scott Worthington gave me aa link for a help page but that  did not work

                      ed pouso: Creative Suite 6 Photoshop bridge

                      ed pouso: windows 7

                      Parthibaraj: Thank you for the information.

                      Parthibaraj: We have a special team for this issue.

                      ed pouso: ok

                      Parthibaraj: You can contact us back via live chat using the link http://www.adobe.com/support/imaging/supportinfo/

                      Parthibaraj: Is there anything else I can help you with?

                      ed pouso: so i will not get any help till monday?

                      Parthibaraj: Yes.

                      ed pouso: thats poor service for a program you launched on friday

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                        edpouso Level 1

                        went to C:\Users\EMP\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS6

                        folder was empty

                        went to same place in othe account it had lots of files

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                          Scott Worthington Adobe Employee

                          Did the registry key exist?

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                            edpouso Level 1

                            yes deleted it

                            did not help

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                              Scott Worthington Adobe Employee

                              At this point going further would mean trying to apply permissions to locations in the AppData location, possibly the registry as well.


                              Essentially, low level functions of the Account itself that would actually have me come to these options and basically choose one:

                              • A total removal of adobe applications, including CS2 and manually verifying files were deleted before reinstalling,  With potential assistance from the Cleaner tool. http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html
                              • Continue to use the other account.
                              • Migrate information from the existing account to a new account, remove the previous account with assistance from Microsoft.
                              • Continue to use the other account till you are familiar with CS6, then remove, verify all files were removed and then reinstall.
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                                m!ndl0rd Adobe Employee

                                Did you installed the Beta version of Photoshop?

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                                  AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                  Thanks for your patience with this, Ed.


                                  Is the second account a "standard" user, or is it also an administrator?



                                  Assuming it's not an administrator, I'd appreciate it if you could do one comparison test so we can narrow down on the cause of the issue (and therefore find a way to resolve this):


                                  Create a new standard account on the system (just call it "test" or something along those lines), log into the new account, and then try to open Bridge.


                                  Does Bridge open in the newly-created standard user account?

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                                    I have this same problem. Have 2 accounts on my computer. One is my admin account, the other is a regular user account I use to run all my programs. Bridge crashes on launch when I try to run it with my user account. Runs when I run it as my administrator account.


                                    However, when I change my user account type to Administrator, it still doesn't work.


                                    I created a test account with only user privileges, and it launched normally from that account.

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                                      edpouso Level 1

                                      i think  i found the mult problems.

                                      I uninstalled PS6 beta on monday according to Adobe's faq


                                      pretty strait forward but it left files behind.

                                      for  some reason i did not check to see if it removed all the files i just assumed it would(made an *** out of myself).

                                      so i just uninstalled the new PS from  creative cloud and cleaned up. but bridge did not uninstall and it works.

                                      now re downloadind and installing PS from creative cloud. hope for the best

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                                        edpouso Level 1

                                        reinstalled Ps

                                        Bridge works fine.


                                        Now for my complaint.

                                        I love Adobe products but i feel that things have been missed.

                                        I know a little about writing programs. I remember trying to find the mistakes in my turbo pascal class. So finding problems in these new programs is a huge task.

                                        Maybe you need to work on 1 major program release every year instead of a new set every 18-24 months.

                                        I know that it is not how big buis works but look what happened in finance and autos.

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                                          Curt Y Level 7

                                          edpouso wrote:


                                          so i just uninstalled the new PS from  creative cloud and cleaned up. but bridge did not uninstall and it works.

                                          I find it very odd that Bridge did not uninstall with everything else.  It is not a seperate program as it is part of photoshop.  So in the past it has never been possible to unintall one without uninstalling the other. 


                                          Do you have any thoughts on what bits were left when you uninstalled CS6 Beta?  Might help the next guy.

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                                            edpouso Level 1

                                            I found it odd also. i downloaded other apps including Premiere Pro and  i know bridge works with it. Maybe thats why it stayed.

                                            it seemed that PS6 and LR$4 betas left behind appdata in both user accounts and registry info when uninstalled.This maybe what the adobe cleaner fixes.

                                            I used "Little Registry Cleaner" to fix the registry.

                                            Everything seems to work fine. Next big thing is to see what plugins i will not use and disable them for better performance.

                                            I will be upgrading to an ssd soon and will do a clean install then.

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                                              AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                              Glad you got it working, Ed.


                                              Also, I appreciate your feedback about software development. Our teams do focus on quality, but with so much functionality and flexibility in our software it is not always possible to test everything.

                                              I highly recommend that you share this feedback directly with our development team(s): http://adobe.ly/WishForm