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    Operation timed out. Cancelling...

    palurie Level 1

      I have had this issue now for 3 versions of DW, most recently with CS5.5x


      I have changed the settings and increased the Prefs/Site: FTP timeout to 180 secs; FTP transfer options (checked) 180 secs.


      I am using:

      • FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption);
      • port 2121 (on advice of the host);
      • Authentication (None) - couldn't get a connection otherwise;
      • Passive FTP
      • FTP performance optimization is checked.


      I am using DW CS5.5 [11.5 build 5344] on a Mac running 10.6.8.


      I am able to successfully upload via FTP, using Transmit (v 4.1.6) FTP program, so there is something in DW itself that is causing this issue.


      Any ideas out there?  I am going crazy!  My host cannot figure out the issue either, and since all works in Transmit, this must be a DW issue.




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          Jonathan_UK Level 1

          Hi Peter


          Did you ever get DW CS5.5 to work with FTP over SSL/TLS explicit?


          I am also having problems. Unsecured FTP works fine with DW, but despite reading and following all of the instructions, the connection just seems to time out when attempting file operations via TLS.


          If you solved it, I'd love to know how!




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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            Jonathan, more than likely something is not configured properly with your host.  Please see the following post where I looked into this deeper for someone using Godaddy with an invalid SSL certificate:




            If you look at what I was looking at you should be able to determine if your host has the same issue.  If so this is really something that your host should fix and not something that DW should work around to provide a false sense of security.  If this isn't the issue at all, then you would need to post more details about your situation.

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              Jonathan_UK Level 1

              Thanks SnakEyez02. I had seen that thread, which caused me to wonder whether my problems might relate to my host's use of a wildcard certifcate that covers multiple servers. I was going to keep that question in reserve, in case Peter had found a solution that would also work for others. However, now that you've mentioned certificate issues...


              My host doesn't have time to troubleshoot this for now, so I'm grateful for any further thoughts or suggestions.




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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                If you want I'd be willing to extend the same offer that I did in that post to help you.  Basically you create me a junk folder on your domain with a junk ftp account that I can use and test with.  PM me the details and I can look into it to see if that is your process.  With my schedule right now it would probably take me a week to get back to you with results.  Let me know if you want to do that.

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                  Jonathan_UK Level 1

                  Thanks - that's very kind of you indeed. I'm just waiting on hearing back from my hosting provider at the moment. They said they'd try to take a look soon and that was the other day. I haven't pressed them, but will follow up with them now, as Filezilla won't behave either.

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                    Jonathan_UK Level 1

                    I'm pleased to say that my host has been able to resolve the issue.


                    In case it is of benefit to others, here's their explanation for what was amiss:


                    "Our servers use iptables for their firewalls, which doesn't automatically pick up the assigned port for a passive FTP connection when that connection is encrypted. The range of ports configured on the FTP server for the data channel in passive mode didn't exactly match the range of ports that was explicitly open in the firewall for that purpose, giving only a 1 in 3 chance of getting a working encrypted passive FTP connection."