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    Can anyone help me? Flash player issues


      For about 3 months now i have had some flash issues which i believe i have tried everything i can possibly think of. I am using currently up to date and my main browser is firefox, however this issue happens on all browsers.


      I, whenever a new update, do a clean install as per your site instructions. However the last 2 updates it seems that it installs fine, works fine and then once i have restarted my laptop stops working within a browser and has to be reinstalled. The files are still there, it doesnt tell me to reinstall, but it doesnt work, nothing works, so i reinstall and it starts working again.


      I have made a new admin acct on my laptop, no joy. I have done at least 100 clean installs, no joy. I have tried many browsers, no joy. I have tried the windows fix for allowing flash you describe, no joy.


      I am out of ideas, i continue to reinstall everyday for it to work and its very annoying, please someone help.


      Windows vista 32bit

      firefox 12


      Andrew Manning


      thank you