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    XML gallery updation problem



      When updating above gallery using xml .i can't add title in capital letters, only simple letters possible .and some letters  not visible like "b" and "k" .any help to solve that highly appreciate .









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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Whenever you have trouble with dynamic textfields not showing characters, the first thing ot do is try embedding the fint/characters in the textfield.  Next, make sure your textfield is sized sufficiently to display all of the text you assign to it.


          As far as not getting captial letters, your xml does not have capital letters based on what you show, so what are you doing to try to get them to be captials?

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            SEOLClanka Level 1

            what do you mean "embedding the fint/characters in the textfield"  plz explain in details and below screen shot.



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              adninjastrator Level 4

              To "embed" a font means to make that font a part of the .swf and does not rely on fonts installed on the viewers machine.

              So highlight the dynamic text field and in the "Character" panel over on the right hand side, choose "Embed" and then choose the characters you want to embed... for example letters only... letters and numbers, etc.

              Be sure to save the file before testing.

              Best wishes,