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    Testing Adobe After Effects cs6


      Hey, I've got recently the trial of Adobe After Effects Cs6 and i wanted to know if there's anyway i could copy the same shortcuts i was using in cs5 to place them in cs6 cause there's some minor troubles while i'm working with it.


      I've tryed the Shortcut Script Editor found in Adobe but coulnd't get it to work since i din't understand a think.


      The biggest problem i have is in here.



      Pen Tool (CS6)


      <img src="http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/3163/b348e9107e5089d60470690.png" />



      Pen Tool (Cs5)


      <img src="http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/5480/f4e4f6ef2ad86a65af2738e.png" />



      As u can see i cannot cycle anymore through the options to get to the add vertex. i've changed already some shortcuts modifyin the "Adobe After Effects 11.0 Shortcuts" file inside of roaming and it worked fine but i can't find the actual "way" or names.. to make it cycle like in Cs5


      IS there any way of doing it, Can i import my old shortcuts? or how do i modify thoese.. And how to make it so when i press "Ctrl" i can move the points like in Cs5..


      I find this change in the shortcut the major disavantage in the new AE for me at least.. 



      Thank you,