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    WHY is Adobe NOT Upgrading below CS 6 for EIGHT Vulnerabilities?!?


      Pay upgrade price to patch critical bugs? ...Really???


      Dearest Adobe,


      I would just like you to know that your decision to do this is NOT acceptable at ALL!   Haven't we paid you enough money already for your software?  And now you want us to pay you even  MORE?  For WHAT - so you can do this to us all over again - and again - and again???


      And this is the support we get?   The respect we deserve?  The "thanks" we get for being loyal Adobe supporters?


      Just FYI - this economy SUCKS and some of us can't afford this right now!   Ya THINK?


      I would EXPECT to be safe with or WITHOUT upgrading every single year - wouldn't YOU?


      We supported YOU - so WHY can you NOT support US???


      So, the jist of your solution is that we are EXPECTED to pay $375 MINIMUM to be secure using your programs?   Else... you don't care - is that right?


      PLEASE tell us what OTHER options we have to be secure utilizing your products without forking out MORE of our hard earned money???


      I have been a LONG TIME loyal Adobe supporter and reseller of all your products -  and this news just makes me SICK to my stomach, as I am SURE it will to others as well!   I will NEVER recommend NOR Resell ANY of your software to anyone if this is how you treat your loyal users!


      I am outraged!!! ...and rightously so!!!  Not impressed a BIT!  This is NOT acceptable at ALL!!!! PERIOD!


      PLEASE tell me what other choice I have?  PLEASE!!!


      I am SO disappointed and unimpressed by your decisions...

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe has changed its position and will be updating its older products that are still supported (CS 5 and up, I'm pretty sure, but not sure about CS 4). Please understand that this is for all intents and purposes a user to user forum. Yelling at your fellow users is not helpful. When you want to yell at Adobe, a nice thought letter to the CEO:


          Corporate headquarters

          Adobe Systems Incorporated
          345 Park Avenue
          San Jose, CA 95110-2704

          Is probably more helpful