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    jittery text - firefox




      we've redone our site in muse as we wanted to abandon flash (yes, web developers, we've gone from one web abomination to the next )


      but i noticed some strange behaviour:

      the site loads normally when it is opened only in one firefox window or tab. but when i launch another instance in a window or tab the text jitters (reloads?) with each click on a button.

      it only happens in firefox - not in chrome and IE.

      is this due to the way firefox handles javascript?


      the text continues to jitter with each click even when i close the other instance of the site.


      thanx for your help

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          yolk.net Level 1

          hmm..i can't always reproduce this 'bug' by opening a second window of the same site.


          but now that i logged me in to this forum the text reloads and jitters with every click on a button again - seems like firefox doesn't like it when i have several javascript heavy sites open..could that be the case?


          kinda lost




          i quickly uploaded a crappy screencapture movie that shows a little of this jittering and reloading of the text




          maybe this helps