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    Why do I have to pay more?

    Nik Ska Level 1

      So I want to buy a Production PRemium CS6.

      It costs 1899$ in the US and almost 2200$ in Russia. And Adobe does not allow me to buy it in the US store for I have registere my account in Russia.

      What the ...? It's digital download, why do I have to pay some "resellers" (can I really call them resellers?) for a link to Adobe servers?


      So generally speaking, Adobe guys, you do understand that if there's a product that costs 300$ less somewhere else people will go and buy there.

      And if it is forbidden to buy there (why pay more), there're always such great resources as demonoid?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe charges different amounts for their software in different countries. Part of this is due to support costs, infrastructure costs, and taxes in each country. Another part is due to what Adobe thinks the market will bear.  Complaints have raged for years on the different costs for Adobe software in different countries. Adobe has never officially addressed the cost differential in an official response in these forums. If you want to make your feelings known to Adobe corporate, then I would urge you to write at:


          Corporate headquarters

          Adobe Systems Incorporated
          345 Park Avenue
          San Jose, CA 95110-2704

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            getho Level 2

            any idea which department or an FAO name?