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    Audio keeps breaking for the video created by Adobe After Effect CS 5.5


      I created a video using Adobe After Effect CS 5.5 and imported a MP3 file to the time line -


      After rendering the video to a movie with .avi format, the audio keeps breaking during the show time.


      basically the audio stops during the video and then starts again, stops and then starts again - and

      it is really annoying.


      I tried to change it from 16 bit to 8bit and 32 bit but nothing changed -

      really appreciate any help, thanks


      Here is some info about the video :



      Frame width : 1280

      Frame height : 720

      Data rate :    552978 kbps

      Total bitrate: 554389 kbps

      Frame rate: 25 frames /seconds

      ---- Audio---

      Bit rate: 1411 kbps

      Channels: 2

      Audio sample rate: 44 kHz