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    Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption

    Isometric Bacon Level 1



      We recently upgraded to Windows 7 64Bit from Windows XP here at work, and since the upgrade i've discovered a very scary issue with Flash.


      When going to save one of my large projects, often Adobe simply crashes outright, freezing up and displaying a standard error message.


      "Adobe Flash CS5 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." - with an option for "Close program"


      I hit close program, and Flash disappears. If I try and open that same FLA file again, I get the error message


      "Unexpected File Format"


      Unfortunately it seems since Flash is crashing in the middle of saving, it is corrupting my FLA file. This is extremely worrying, since it corrupts my entire source file.


      I'm lucky I keep regular backups, otherwise I could have lost months of work instead of just todays. In the meantime I have been copying and pasting a new version of the file each time I open Flash, but it's a crapshoot whether next time I save if it will kill it or not.  


      Here's the details of my computer:


      OS: Windows 7 - Recently upgraded from 32bit Windows XP

      64 Bit Intel Xeon X5560 @ 2.80 Ghz

      4GB Ram


      The Flash CS5 version is


      The FLA in question is 10MB, and contains some large map files (gifs), lots of small JPG's as well as a fair chunk of code as well as importing of external classes. I've tried replicating the issue on smaller files, and haven't been able to do so.


      I was wondering if it was a case of not enough memory, but Flash appears to use around 450 mbs. About 40% of my total memory is free, according to the Task Manager performance.


      Any ideas what could fix this issue?

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          Sukhi12 Level 1

          Hi ,



          I have noticed that you are using Flash version . There is an update version  of Flash CS5 which has fixed similar issue .

          Can you please update your Flash  .


          To update Flash : Goto Help - Updates .


          updates Flash CS5  Version




          Flash Authoring

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            s.bosch Level 1


            I have the exact same problem!

            We also upgraded from Windows XP (with Flash cs4) to Windows 7 64bit with Flash CS5.


            Flash just sometimes saves a .fla file that is corrupted when I try to open it later. Offcourse we have daily backups, but I allready had a great deal of losses from files that I created in the morning and became corrupted in the afternoon. Flash gives me the error: "Unexpected File Format".


            I upgraded to the of Flash CS5, but unfortunately the problem remains.


            I even downloaded the trial-version of Flash CS5.5, hoping the problem had dissapeared, but today even CS5.5 saved a corrupt file.


            The files are on a network-drive (company policy), but the problem is sometimes there when I try to save it locally (although it seems I get this problem more often when I save to a network). I also noticed that the corrupt file is slightly smaller than the original file.


            I hope someone at Adobe can provide a fix for this, because I'm getting very nervous about this (and so is my client).


            Kind regards,


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              Sukhi12 Level 1

              Hi ,


              If possible please save your files in Local drive  .




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                Isometric Bacon Level 1

                Thanks guys.

                Glad to see i'm not the only one with this issue!


                Couple of things I've done to try and fix fix my issue:


                I upgraded my version of Flash CS5 to the latest version. - Problem still persisted


                Copied and pasted my entire content and code into a new file - Problem still persisted, but seemed a bit more stable.


                I then started using  'Save As' in place of save, (making a new copy each time) and this way it seems to be avoiding corrupting the image. I have saved a great number of times since I discovered this, and have yet to recreate the issue.


                Also S.Bosch - I just realised after reading your post that I too am accessing my files on a network drive. I've copied them onto my main drive, and I have been unable to recreate this issue doing regular saves thus far. 


                Apologies but I cannot send the files for Adobe testing for IP reasons.

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                  s.bosch Level 1

                  Hi Sukhbir,

                  I just sent you my 2 files, one working and one corrupted .

                  Files are a bit big (about 4MB in total), so I hope the e-mail is delivered to you correctly.


                  Hopefully Adobe is able to find the cause of this problem.

                  I would like to point out that it could have something to do with window 7 or something.


                  I had a trialversion of both cs5 and cs5.5 on my windows XP computer, and although I saved files to a networkdrive all the time, the problem never occured.


                  I look forward to hearing from you.




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                    Sukhi12 Level 1

                    Hi  Sander,


                    Thanks !!! I got your files . Please save your files on a Local drive




                    Here is a Tech note on saving the files over Network .









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                      Sukhi12 Level 1

                      Hi .


                      Thanks for all the information .  Please save your files on a local drive .


                      Is your Network stable ? Do you get network glitches sometime while saving your file over Network ?




                      Here is a Tech note on saving the files over Network .










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                        Nebbi1 Level 1

                        I am also experiencing a similar issue.  I am using Flash CS5.5 and Flash continuously crashes while I am working.  However, the file I am working with just crashed and is not unable to open due to an "Unexpected File Format". 


                        My computer's operating system:


                        Windows 7, 64-bit operating system


                        The Flash file I am working with is 9.10 MB and I am working on my local computer, not a network drive.


                        I have not lost a lot of my work due to continually saving my files....but the prospect of continuing to create with Adobe Flash under these conditions is not conducive for time management.


                        I was also using Flash CS5 and had similar problems and decided to purchase Flash CS5.5.  I should not be experienceing these issues with the latest software available.


                        Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


                        Thank you

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                          ScottBrowne123 Level 1

                          I'm going to lose it on this peice of garbage software.  This just happened to me. I've lost so much work just now. The file if saved while running your file can cause the devil of all bugs. I can't beleive I paid to work my butt off for this software only to on a routine basis do work arounds for a stressful hunk of trash software that works sometimes.


                          Fix your gd software. This is BY FAR the worst issue I have EVER in my life encountered. EVER!

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                            ScottBrowne123 Level 1

                            This is not exactly a fix, but at least I can recover lost work


                            I figured it out on my own, over and above the techs at abobe who said I was SOL.



                            Venture into this folder C:\Users\Owner(your user name)\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration



                            There is a flash file in there, it has a previous saved file called TMPblah blah blah click and open then resave.


                            This at least worked for me.

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                              s.bosch Level 1

                              Hello Sukhi12,


                              I just read your reply and I can't believe that Adobe is taking a stand like this!

                              Are you seriously (no really, SERIOUSLY?!?) telling us that Flash is not designed to save files over a network?!?!?


                              I am really upset by the fact that Flash is such a badly designed product and I'm even more upset by the fact that appearently Adobe doesn't give a ***** about it!


                              Are you aware that in the modern world EVERY company has a policy to save files over a network? For most developers it's not a choice of saving locally, it's just not an option. We are forced to use networkdrives, and if I may say so, I totally agree we should! Come on Adobe, this is 2011 you know! And saying in your technote (from 2009!) that we just have to use a third-party version control system is totally rediculous!


                              A few things that I like to say about this matter:


                              1) I have been using Flash for about 10 years now. I have been using a network drive most of this time and I never (really, never!) experienced corrupt files while saving. Even with flash 5 there was no problem at all! So something changed with Flash CS5 and Flash CS5.5 and Adobe is too lazy to admit it. Very bad....


                              2) Why is it that software like Photoshop is able to save over a network without any problems? Why is a PSD-file so much different from a FLA-file? Surely Adobe must have people on the payroll that are perfectly able to code software that can save over a network? Photoshop proves it's possible, doesn't it?


                              3) I told you in the beginning of this forumpost that I'm saving my files over a network. Why didn't you show us the technote at that point? Why did you ask me to send you sourcefiles first? Is there some boss that told you to get rid of those nasty questions, or something?


                              4) I'm really surprised that the technote says that Flash IDE is not "designed" to function across LANs. Why is this not mentioned on the Flash Product Page where you want us to pay $699 for this product? I would really like to know this as a new customer! Something in the features like: "Beware, unlike other software, Flash Professional is NOT ABLE to save your files across LANs. If you try to save, flash will most definately corrupt your files beyond repair".


                              5) As you can see, I am really upset about this and especially about the attitude Adobe is displaying about this. I'm am surely going to twitter this to everyone I know and start a good amount of posts in the Flash Community about this.You really can't do this, Adobe.


                              You might not suspect this, but I am actually a big fan of Flash, as I suspect most of you are. I like to think that I support Flash despite the fact that Apple is pissing all over it lately. I defend it to people by saying it's a wonderfull product that does wonderfull things. I am very dissapointed that Adobe is letting us down like this.


                              Please answer these question for us. I'm sure the Flashcommunity is dying to know what's going on here!


                              And also, please ask your developers to fix this annoying problem. I'm sure it's not impossible....




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                                Sukhi12 Level 1

                                Hi All,


                                Today we have released Flash CS5.5 update . This update contains fixes for opening and saving some Flash Professional files (FLAs) in CS5.5, and other bug fixes.
                                Please download Flash CS5.5 updater .

                                You Can download from  Flash > Help > Updates .


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                                  Isometric Bacon Level 1

                                  Is there going to be any bugfix for Flash CS5? Or do we have to pay several hundred dollars to upgrade to a .5 release for a simple bugfix?


                                  At any rate, thankyou for your support Sukhbir. I'm glad to see Adobe is acting on these issues.

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                                    Isometric Bacon Level 1

                                    Also I want to add to my earlier comment when I said using 'save as' seems to alleviate the problem for me: It doesn't.


                                    I've found it still crashes and corrupts the original file, just doesn't seem to happen as often. I wanted to make that clear incase someone read my earlier comment and thought this was a working solution.


                                    So unless Adobe releases this bugfix for CS5, us CS5 users are stuck.

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                                      s.bosch Level 1

                                      Hi Sukhbir,


                                      Thanks for providing an update.

                                      One thing is not clear to me: is the problem now solved? Or are you guys at Adobe 'hoping' this will fix the problem.


                                      And I totally agree with Isomatric Bacon: can you tell us if there is going to be an update for Flash CS5? I for one have a trial-version of CS5.5 which expires in 2 weeks. I think many people (like me) can't convince our IT-department that the entire company should update to Flash CS5.5 bacause of this issue.


                                      Please answer this question.



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                                        lonbordin Level 1

                                        We're have a small media team (~12 at any given time) all on Win7 64-bit/ Adobe CS5.5 Flash Professional (completely updated OS and Adobe products.) that are having the same issues as Isometric Bacon, et al are reporting with saving, crashing and corruptions while working over network files shares.


                                        I'm aware of the don't work over network file shares Adobe tech note but we have been successfully working like this for over ten years!


                                        So what changed?  Our server.  We went from an acient underpowered single NIC server running 2003 to a dual-homed firebreathing monster running 2008-R2 and DFS.


                                        I'd be interested to know if other folks are using DFS server shares.  Thanks.

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                                          Sukhi12 Level 1

                                          Hi ,


                                          Can you please provide me what kind of problems you are having while saving a file over a network .


                                          Do you see any  error message when you are saving your file ?  or do you have any issue opening your fla files.





                                          Flash Authoring

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                                            Sukhi12 Level 1

                                            Hi s.bosch,


                                            This update contains fixes for opening and saving some Flash Professional files (FLAs) in CS5.5, and other bug fixes.


                                            and  with this if there is any issue while saving a file ,user will be prompted to save a file again.





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                                              lonbordin Level 1

                                              User attempts to save... Flash crashes... files corrupted.

                                              I've sent you a corrupted files as per the instructions* you posted earlier in the thread.

                                              I've also sent the error logs.

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                                                tsoares05 Level 1

                                                I've updated the Flash CS 5.5 to the last version and the problem still happens.

                                                Use the files locally and then save to network it's not a good working flow, I believe...



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                                                  Sukhi12 Level 1


                                                  Can you please provide me some more details?

                                                  1. About your computer
                                                  • Full file version of Flash installed (eg.
                                                  • OS and version
                                                  • Installed antivirus/antimalware (eg. MS Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, McAfee VirusScan)
                                                  • About the location where .fla file is being saved
                                                  • To a local drive? (eg. hard drive, SSD drive, USB key, SD card, opened as email attachment, opened from a zip archive, etc)
                                                  • or over a network? (eg. shared Windows folder across Active Directory network, SMB share between OSX machines, symbolic link/junction points to path)  If so, do they have full file permissions to write to that folder?

                                                  2  Any version source control? (eg. CVS, Subversion, Git, etc)


                                                  • File history. eg. originally created in CS4, saved in CS5 and re-saved in CS5.5



                                                  3 How to reproduce the corruption/crash.  Is it reproducible from a new document?






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                                                    lonbordin Level 1

                                                    I've sent two corrupted files to you and the flash bugs address.  Look forward to your response.

                                                    • 23. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                      Sukhi12 Level 1

                                                      Thank you I have recieved your files . 

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                                                        SangK17 Level 1

                                                        I have exectly the same issue.


                                                        1.  about my computer...

                                                        • flash CS5.5 (v11.5.1.349)
                                                        • Windows 7 SP1, 64 bit
                                                        • Symantec Endpoint Protection
                                                        • Fla file is located in a file server via LAN

                                                        2. There is no source control.

                                                        • Try to save CS5.5 to CS5.5 (overwrite, and/or save as) crashes the file, and cannot open it again.

                                                        3. Constantly happening once it is happened. Need to restart my computer to get by 2-3 hours.


                                                        I think Adobe's "don't work via network" is NOT a very good answers to most of us.

                                                        I need to work on server most of the case.


                                                        Please let us know what to do to fix this issue.





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                                                          sizzleblob Level 1

                                                          Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous.

                                                          Please Adobe, this issue should be at the very top of 'things to fix'.


                                                          It is soon to be the year 2012. This issue has started ever since cs5. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to not be able to work off network drives. It has cost us many many hours of lost work, and having to copy files locally then back onto the network every time we want to make a change is cumbersome and a waste of time.


                                                          What are you guys doing over there?????

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                                                            Dillznit22 Level 1

                                                            3 months later And still no fix!


                                                            I lose a file about once a month.  We DO use VSS working copies are loaded onto local machines, and uploaded back to the server through VSS but we still get 'unexpected file format' errors on a regular basis.  I thought it was from using Flash CS5 files in CS5.5, this may add to the problem but is not the whole issue.  I think it has something to do with Flash and RAM.  I get crashes primarily when I copy and paste Frames/ Layers/ Movie Clips.  These crashes corrput files and wallah, 'unexpected file format'.


                                                            What's most bothersome is Adobe not admitting fault or coming up with a solution.  I've been a daily user of Flash for over 10 years and there's never been a problem until CS5/ 5.5.

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                                                              FredFranco Level 1

                                                              This is really amazing...

                                                              I'm also having the same problem, since I bought Flash CS5.

                                                              Sorry but is Flash CS 5 still in beta or what?

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                                                                timmyh00p Level 1

                                                                Hi I have exactly the same issue in CS6. I did a fresh install from CS5 - the problem also happened in CS5 previously.


                                                                Saving flash files to network drives -> flash either crashes, or appears to save OK, but when you re-open the file it says "unexpected files format".


                                                                the file server is very reliable - not a loss of connection or anything like that.


                                                                Win7 ultimate 64

                                                                I7 950

                                                                6GB ram

                                                                Adobe premium CS6

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                                                                  Soulshoes Level 1

                                                                  If you are running Windows, rename the file from something.fla to something.zip


                                                                  Download this program http://www.diskinternals.com/zip-repair/ and repair the zip file.


                                                                  Then rename recovered-something.zip to recovered-something.fla and it should now open.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                    timmyh00p Level 1

                                                                    Thanks but that doesn't work - the root XML file in there is always totally corrupted.


                                                                    I have a CS6 crash mdmp file for this crash (not hard to find as it keeps happening to me) - can I send this to Adobe perhaps?

                                                                    • 31. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                      keisan Level 1

                                                                      I seem to be having this issue also, can anyone tell me if this has been fixed? I am using CS5 (updating it as I type this) on a Win 7 64-bit system, we use McAfee, and normally save locally but this was saved over the network.

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                                                                        gmagella Level 1

                                                                        Hi there Sukhi12,

                                                                        I've sent you my corrupted file as well... we're experiencing the same problem.

                                                                        Maybe there's something to do With SMB2.0??? Does anyone look at this particular detail??

                                                                        I'll try to disable SMB 2 on my file server.


                                                                        If anyone have a update on this, please, share with us!



                                                                        • 33. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                          SuhasYogin Adobe Employee



                                                                          Please read the following blog post for a solution to the Unexpected File Format Error:


                                                                          http://blogs.adobe.com/flashpro/2012/07/24/unexpected-file-format-error-on-opening-flash-f iles-using-flash-cs5-5/



                                                                          Suhas Yogin

                                                                          • 34. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                            Gock14 Level 1

                                                                            I am also having this issue with .fla files, but with Flash CS6. I use Ctrl+S to save it and it doesn't always happen, but when it does (usually after adding/changing actions in the project), it crashes, corrupts the file, and then I get the Unexpected File Format error when trying to re-open the file.

                                                                            It saves to a network share. I find that if I save it to a local directory on my computer, it doesn't happen as often. There are no network connectivity issues with the share, it is stable and quick, the share is located on a server on the same LAN as me. I tried the zip repair and winrar fixes, but neither worked. This has already costed me hours of work.


                                                                            The link that Suhas provided: http://blogs.adobe.com/flashpro/2012/07/24/unexpected-file-format-erro r-on-opening-flash-files-using-flash-cs5-5/, does not work either since that update is for CS5.5 and I have CS6.


                                                                            I have Windows 7 32 bit Enterprise SP1.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                              Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

                                                                              Hi ,


                                                                              Are you using the Windows 2008 server DFS file sharing system ?


                                                                              You can share the corrupted file with us. We will try to fix the issue if possible and send the recovered file.


                                                                              Thanks and regards,

                                                                              Sudeshna Sarkar

                                                                              Adobe Flash Professional Team.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                                Gock14 Level 1

                                                                                Sudeshna, we are saving to a Windows 2008 R2 Server, but it is NOT a DFS share.


                                                                                Thanks for the offer to repair the file, but we were eventually able to finish the project, so we no longer need it repaired. My hope is that this will be fixed completely before we begin our next Flash project, though I'm sure that won't be the case. If Adobe wants the file for analysis, I'd be glad to send it over.



                                                                                • 37. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                                  sinnentfremdet Level 1

                                                                                  Hey all,


                                                                                  this week I ran into the same problem. I am using Flash CS6 and this is the second time my .fla suddenly decided to be an "unexpected fileformat".

                                                                                  I tried the .zip and renaming method, sadly with no success.


                                                                                  Can anyone confirm that this problem doesn't occur, when saving on a local drive? Or does it just happen less often?



                                                                                  • 38. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                                    sobralcastro Level 1

                                                                                    Find your file at:

                                                                                    $DRIVE:\Users\$USERNAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Flash 'Unexpected File Format' Save corruption
                                                                                      Jose_Flash_ookken Level 2

                                                                                      Could you please update these details.


                                                                                      1. What type of network in your organization (ex :Windows2008 server and having DFS)

                                                                                      2. Whether this file saved in network location or not. (FLA)

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