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    Distortion in Audition 3.0.1 and Win7 64 bit

    Rivergoat Level 1

      On board audio on my mobo took a dump, I don't like on board anyway. I added a Diamond PCI 7.1 (I am not spending $200 on a big time card, this one meets my needs). I have 2 hard drives with OS. One is XP sp3, the other Win7 sp1. I can't get ASIO working on the Win7, although it has worked on XP. Anyway, when I use the stereo mix as an input in Win7 and record, 99% of the time it comes back with distortion on the audio; this is true whether recording a stream from the web, or just testing by playing an audio file through Media Player. With XP, everything sounds fine. I have the only Win7 driver I could find for the card. Once in a while I get clean audio on Win7, but rarely. May I assume 3.0.1 isn't happy with Win7 under this circumstance? If I am forced, I can always boot to XP and use it there. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. Thanks.

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          Wild_Duck Level 3

          Hey, I used to have a Diamond PCI card somewhere.


          I would say that all bets are off with the drivers, but there is a strong possibility that you could be hearing the problems with the sample rate converter in Windows 7 (and I think in Vista). This affects recording and playback, and the first line of defence is to make sure that the source audio's sample rate is the same as the "default sample rate" that is set in every area in the Windows Control panel audio area.


          The sample rate converter built into XP has a range of settings that are usually set to "high quality", and sample rate conversion is rare anyway with that OS. With Windows 7, the concept of the newer Windows mixer irequires that the sample rate converter changes all the audio on the fly to the default ample rate, but the converter is not very good. This doesn't always affect the audio - anything using DirectX seems OK, but anything using "WaveOut" audio (eg YouTube playback) is affected.


          Microsoft acknowledges the problem and have issued a patch at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2653312

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            Rivergoat Level 1

            Thanks for the KB link. I'll take note of it, although prior to my seeing that message, I found there is a newer mobo chipset driver available. I downloaded that and installed. Initial tests seem to show the problem is cured. YouTube streaming, or just audio played through Media Player (or my other system playback programs) are recording onto Audition cleanly with my first tests.