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    ability to create a dvd menu (for wedding) with "start" function?

    Travis Rooney

      hi there


      i hope you can help.


      i urgently need to create some a dvd menu for a wedding. i have the picture and i wanted some kind of effect and the options to have a 'start' option...so it plays when the user presses 'start' .. is this possible to do in elements.


      i am going to have main wedding video file in a .mov file...and i wanted to to add an intro at the beginning of the video..


      can you please help? this is really stressing me out..

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The navigational functions in PrE's DVD-Video authoring module are very limited.


          Pretty much, one can choose a Menu Set (both a Main Menu and a Scene Selection Menu), and then with the addition of a Menu Marker, and Scene Markers, let PrE create the linear navigation. One can modify many Menu Sets, but only to a limited level.


          For more intricate navigation, I strongly recommend another program, just for the authoring. Many users sing the praises of Sony's DVD Architect, which has a much better feature-set, than does PrE. I use Adobe Encore, but it is ONLY available with PrPro, and not as a stand-alone any more.


          Steve Grisetti, our MOD here, has written a great book on DVD Architect, in the Muvipix.com series, and if you do go with that program, I highly recommend his book.


          Good luck,