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    Urgent: File > Folio Preview opens an empty "Folio Preview" panel (ID CS 5.5)




      I just updated The Folio Builder panel, and the command File > Folio Preview does not send the document to the Content Viewer as usual, but opens a new panel called Folio Preview ..., which remains empty.


      I can preview documents as usual using the Preview button at the bottom of the Overlay Creator panel, but not using the menu command. There is a check mark next to the Folio Preview command on the File menu when the panel remains open. (Doing some searches on this forum, there seemed to be a similar problem last October, but I would have thought it should be solved by now.)


      I'm experiencing this problem on both my PC running Windows 7 and my MacBook Pro running Mac OS. (Both laptops are running the Norwegian version of the repective OS.)


      I can work around the problem using the Overlay Creator panel, but if anybody has an explanation and/or solution I would be very grateful. I'm starting a two day course teaching DPS tomorrow, so this is rather urgent.


      Best regards,



      PS. I'll try to upload a screen shot shortly to clarify the situation.