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    LocalConnection problems with FP11

    storem Community Member

      I'm using LocalConnection to have 2 SWF and/or EXE files communicate locally on my computer.  With Flash Player 11 they communicate, but if you close the 2nd screen, then roll over a button in the remaining open stage (trigger a listener or button), then all items on the stage turn white (disappear) even though the items are still there since button actions still trigger/react. 


      This doesn't happen if I have one file FP11 and the 2nd file FP10.  Is this a new bug in FP11 ?


      edit: I tested one of the buttons with added code of visiblilty and alpha in the 1st window to see if it would make anything reappear, but nothing happened.  If I have the 1st window use a fscommand to reopen the 2nd window, then the graphics in the 1st window magically reappear.  I really need this issue to be resolved for the 2 local window interactions.